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Is a general gastro colonoscopy a good idea?

Is a general Gastroenterologist (he is board certified and is a professor in gastroenterology at the state college, also named one of the city's top doctors) going to be able to see or recognize endometriosis on the bowel? I know endo on the bowel is rare so I imagine that is not the first thing they are going to look for because statistically the chances are so low. The reason I ask is because I had a Laparoscopy with confirmed endo found a farge amount underneath my uterus and also I am suffering from what appears to be monthly rectal bleeding a day before my period should start and bouts of diarrhea and constipation, more often constipation. For this reason I really want answers as to why I am bleeding, its scary lol. I have no idea what kind of doctor or procede I should really be looking for nessaacarily but my gyno/surgeon said the colonoscopy would be the next best step. I just want to make sure a general Gastroenterologist doing a standard colonoscopy is going to or is able to look for the endo?

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They will only see endo on a colonoscopy if it has grown right through the bowel wall, which from what I understand is possible but rare. I have extensive bowel endo but my sigmoidoscopy was normal. However it's still important to have the colonoscopy so they can rule out other bowel disorders.


Ok, thank you for the information and reassurance that the colonoscopy is still a good idea


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