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The hospital im under want to do a simoidoscopy to see if endo is present in the bowel. Im nervous about this as I had a colonoscopy years ago and for whatever reason the sedation didn't work at all even though they gave me more. They are trying to decide whether to sedate me or not. Also how long will I need off work afterwards? Im absolutely dreading this.

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I had one recently. You only need the day of the procedure off and you can go back to work the next day. 24hrs off from driving if you have anaesthetic.

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Cloverwolf in reply to Frodo344

Does the enema not last longer than a day?

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Frodo344 in reply to Cloverwolf

no, you insert it 2 hours before you need to leave for your appointment. So it doesn’t take long to work. The prep takes longer for a colonoscopy than a Sigmoidoscopy. I was anxious so was pretty cleared out before I even used to the enema, lol! I was dreading it too, I must admit…but it wasn’t as awful as I first imagined.

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CryBaby91 in reply to Frodo344

I was reading the posters in the day surgery waiting room when i had my lap and apparently they've increased this from 24 hours to 72 hours. It said it was due to research into longer lasting affects of anesthesia, I'll see if i can find a link xxx

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Frodo344 in reply to CryBaby91

ah ok, I didn’t realise that.

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CryBaby91 in reply to CryBaby91

Can't find it lol but everything says 48 hours if full sedation (totally knocked out). It also says for conscious sedation youll need to be collected by someone else. If youre at all worried please ask the person doing the procedure about driving etc, they will be the best people to say how long you should wait because they will know how much anesthesia has been administered.

Totally understand you being worried and stressed, this is something i think i may need doing because i have so many bowel symptoms:( but i have horrific PTSD from a sexual assault so the idea of someone going anywhere near my private area is already making my heart race lol. Try take some deep breaths, what specifically are you worried about? Pain? The procedure itself? Similar situation to me with some outside reason youre anxious? Worried about the results? All of the above lol! Either way try and remain nice and calm, remember that it will be all over and done with before you know it. Xxx

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its the fact I had a colonoscopy but the sedation just didn't work so it wasn't very pleasant they even tried gas and air and that didn't work. The person doing it was horrible.

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Jade2006 in reply to Cloverwolf

I had this on my first experience of a colonoscopy last year , I was a actually on my period at the time , I walked in with hot water bottles as my pain was so bad beforehand .

I also felt the sedation, gas and air didn’t work , it was because the lady had used that much gas too inflate me aswell and she likes to take her time I was told a year later plus I had 4 polyps removed .

I couldn’t postpone as needed to get it out the way as was urgent .

Had my second one just last week , and what a difference it was a breeze this time round , they even gave me less drugs but I was on the gas and air a lot , was so much quicker too.

I do think it depends who you get , have a chat with them before and ask if they cannot use so much gas ?

Good luck , it will be fine honestly xx

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I had a sigmoidoscopy without any sedation a couple of years ago as that's generally the standard now, and it was awful but definitely not the worst thing I've done had due to my endo. I would opt for sedation next time if I was given the choice, but if I didn't have it it's over in 10 minutes max and as hard as it is, it's easier if you force your muscles to relax. It's not like a full colonscopy, they only go are far as the left hip.

I found the enema absolutely fine, yes it's a tube up your butt for a few seconds but I went maybe once or twice normal stool and the nurse said I was clear. It's nothing like a full bowel clear out.

I was fine, maybe a bit sore the next day and back at work x

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This is the wrong type of test for endo on the bowel. A sigmoidoscopy can miss the endo because the endo usually grows on the outside of the bowel and squashes it rather than in it.I had a sigmoidoscopy and it showed up fine but when I had an MRI it showed loads of endo all over the bowel. You need to contact your doctor and book an MRI or TV ultrasound with a specialist sonographer. This test will very probably miss the endo it's not suitable for the condition.

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i have already had a TV Ultrasound for that with a specialist that didn't find anything.

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