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Looking for help

Hi! I'm Lucy, Im 13 but my Gran is a doctor and thinks I most likely have endometriosis. I don't get irregular periods but I get a sort of pre period? For example I would have 3 days of severe pain and vomiting and sweating then the blood cycle would start and the pains would get worse, I'm not sure how to describe he pains but it puts me into tears and immobilises me. I also have been getting excrutiating coccyx pains during bowel movements and I have only been given tablets for heavy periods and no pain killers, I also get severe migraines in my left eye if that's anything to do with it and regular cramps even though I'm not on my period. My family think I'm over exaggerating but I've read ALOT about it and watched videos and I would relate so much to the symptoms etc but honestly please someone reply c:

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Hi hunny, have you been to gp, ??

Perhaps you could ask if it could be investigated ie scans and blood test, these probably wouldn't show endo up, but would rule out other problem. s

Good luck, and I hope you get some relief xxx


Hi Lucy

unfortunately i think your gran is right. I was the same when i started my period for a number of years. vomiting on the first day- sweating a lot and missing school. the pain was quite intense- and two years ago when i was 27 i was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. i have had surgery and its been better since then and i have made some changes to my diet. i would probably go to the gp first.



Hi there,

The bowel pains you describe do sound like endo in the pouch of douglas which is right near the bowel.

You mentioned being given pills.

Have they put you on the pill do you know?

Could you tell us what it is please?

Rose xx


I've been given the pregnancy pill, The Combined pill, Transexamic Acid and Naproxen c: and I've been getting really bad digestive problems on top of that


Sometimes the digestive problems are linked due to the inflammation from your immune system being in overdrive.

Are you allowed to have a laproscopy with parental consent?



Yeah my mother said that I should get one if I do have endo


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