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Bowel endo symtoms ??

What's the symtoms of bowel endo?

I am currently in bed with my hot water bottle debating hospital or not. I have extreme lower back pain ovary pains stabbing up my bum and flower. :( blood stool and blood wiping (period just finished) I have just took a tramdol but it's crap doesn't help!

I am due to get ️a sigmoidoscopy 3 weeks time.

anyone had one? What's bowel endo symtoms? Should I just go to hospital ? Crying in pain in bed :(((

Love to my endosisters xxx

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you know your body, if you think this pain is unbearable go to hospital and fight your corner, we all know what doctors are like, Whenever i get to the point of tears with my pain i always go to a walk in centre or something and since its a sunday evening hospital is the only thing available or even ring 111 then the hospital cant moan when you turn up because you have been sent if they send you.

i totally agree with tramadol being rubbish!!

good luck x get better soon


I think you should go to the hospital if your pains are unbearable.ni had Endo inside my bowels 5 years ago.

I could eat or drink anything for 2 months, I was vomiting, I was consipated, my skin turned a little yellow, I had bad hiccups, couldn't do a wee sample, stomach was swollen and I looked 8 months pregnant. My pains were unbearable, I was turned away by the hospital 3 times until one doctor saw me vomiting and admitted me in. I had to have emergency bowel resection.

Tramadol does not help at all it just makes you consipated.

Good luck with everything, hope they can help you.


Thanks so much!

Wow ur bowel endo must have been bad !! I am no where near that but the pains horrible I was crying just trying to move my bowels there. It's not right. Think am going to fone 111. I will keep ️️yous posted. Xxx

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Hope you're okay. Did you go to the hospital?

Did today anything or give you anything for your pain?

Hope your feeling better today.


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Hi thanks I went to the docs been signed of work for 5 week to cover my sigmoidoscopy and my follow up. I am in so much pain and been giving a new anti inflammatory to try. I was trying for a baby but the pain is to much I have been told I need to take my pill or it's going to get a lot worse. Heartbroken :( but the pain is getting to much. Xxx


I'm so glad you went to the doctors, and your home for awhile resting. Make sure you do rest and don't do any housework, rest is important to your body and mind.

I'm Sorry to hear that you can't try for a baby due to your pains. That is heartbreaking.

I'm happy to hear that you're pains are getting better.

Good luck with your operation,Bhopal it works out for you. Keep me posted on how your doing. You can message me anytime you like.



Hi Differpie :-) I have only just joined this site and came across your post. I was having bleeding from my bottom, when wiping myself and on occasions it literally dripped ,sorry if thats TMI hehe. Constipation and diarohea, bloating, terrible stomach pains too. This was before I was diagnosed with severe Endo, the docs were treating me for IBS. I had a sigmoidoscopy and had biopsys taken. All of which thankfully were clear. I hope you are feeling better :-)

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Sorry not been on in a while. Thanks I have been worried. Hope ur feeling better. Rather annoying that they don't know the cause for you but glad ur okay and nothing bad! I have my app tomrrow to discuss it further xxx


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