Hi everyone,

I went for my first gynae appointment last Thursday and have been given a date for a laposcopy (this tuesday). So its all happened really fast.

Im so nervous about it. Mainly about the general anesthetic. Being a student nurse you would think I would know better haha!

I was wondering if anyone could share their laposcopy stories and experiences and how they felt afterwards.

Thank you!!

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  • Hope it goes well for you. I'm in exactly same bought I've got my laparoscopy in April. Nervous is an understatement xx

  • Aww thank you! I'll let you know what it's like. I think the apprehension behind will be worst than the actual thing. Hopefully anyway!

  • Your probably right, it's just the build up that actually makes it worse ain't it. I'm sure it will be okay, they do these sort of operations all the time. It will be over before you know. Stay positive and please do let me know it it goes. Good luck xx

  • You'll be fine! I hate the going under part the last lap I had was Dec16 and the anaesthetist said "you're going to a party" to which point I had drunk vision, moving my eyes was not fun. Waking up you don't really feel much to start with as you're still pretty groggy but after like an hour or so you start to feel a tad sore. Once home I'll recommend hot water bottle and a pillow for the drive home and peppermint tea as I found that helps with the gas pain the shoulder most people inc me get.

  • Thank you for your reply!

    When you are going under, do you feel drowsy? I'm dreading the feeling and knowing what's about to happen.

    I've been into theatres and seen ops done and I wish I hadn't now hahaha!

    Thank you for the advice, I never thought about a pillow in the car!! Defo worth taking. I'm already looking forward to getting into my own bed after it! xxx

  • I've never felt drowsy going under and I've had 5 ops, few times my body felt really heavy and numb, sometimes I felt giggly others my eyesight felt drunk yet I felt fine. Part from once when I had the mask, I've never known when I'm going under as the anaesthetist kept talking and asking me stuff so I'd fall sleep mid convo I assume.

  • Going under is a strange feeling. I have experienced this 5 times. It is scarey but the staff make you feel relaxed. My last lap two weeks ago I remember nurse saying what my favourite holiday destination was, by then he had already administered some of the anesthetic, within a few seconds I felt light headed and dizzy and I don't remember anything after that until my eyes opened during recovery. You will be just fine ,stay positive everything will be fine. You will feel sore after but just make sure ur hot water bottle is near and you rest xxx

  • Hi,

    I've just had one, I was so scared about it all from being put to sleep to how much pain I would be in. I don't even remember going to sleep, your out before you know it. I woke up feeling pain but not as bad as I thought it would be, about a 6/10 and they gave me morphine for it. The concoction of anaesthetic and morphine made me quite sick afterwards but this does not happen to everyone. Your stomache will feel quite swollen and sore for a few days, I had my mom stay and look after me and cook for me which was a great help. A week later I'm feeling so much better and my stitches are healing nicely. I have endo and will probably need another op to have it all removed. Now I have been through it, I wouldn't be scared next time. You honestly have nothing to be worried about. I hope it all goes well for you xx

  • Thank you for your reply!

    I'm glad everything went well!!

    I'm worried about the sickness afterwards so really hoping I don't feel too bad as I'm a nightmare when I feel sick haha!

    My mum's also said she will look after me do that should make things easier too. Good old mums!

    Just out of interest did you have the merina put in at the same time? Sorry to be noisy! Xxx

  • No I didn't have that, it was not mentioned to me as an option. I have been trying to conceive for three years with no luck and so my GP sent me to the fertility clinic. All tests came back as normal, I mentioned that I think I may have endometriosis due to having chronic pain every month with my period and so they sent me to have the Laproscopy examination to confirm. I was told by my surgeon that if there was a little endo she could remove it but if there was a lot they couldn't do it there and then and I would need to have another operation possibly to get it removed. I have a lot of Endo and so they didn't remove any at this stage, I have an appt. at the fertility clinic in three weeks to discuss the findings in more detail and they have pictures to look and so we shall see how I can move forward from then.


  • Ahh right I see.

    I was wondering how they would go about treatment if they found a lot of endo. At the moment I'm just having the merina to replace the copper coil, but then was thinking would it really cure what's already been there and for a while! I suppose we will have to see how it goes.

    Thank you so much for all your advice. You've made me feel calmer about everything.

    I hope your appointment goes well!!

    All the best xxx

  • I've had it twice now, the first time was in NHS-funded visit to a private hospital as I was so low risk due to my age (I was 20 and about a size 8 haha)

    It always feels like its going to be much worse than it is. I actually had a better experience in the NHS hospital as well, the staff were so nice and reassuring, and having other people around that are also in for day surgery means you can work through it together. The worse part for me was the catheter (sp?) they put in your hand to administer the anaesthetic. If you're nervous about needles dont be afraid to ask for the numbing agent they give to kids lol - you dont even feel the needle in your hand with that stuff. Your arm will hurt a little bit when the anaesthetic is administered but as above you will not remember afterwards.

    I had the mirena put in the first time - I was still under so I dont remember this, it was just there when I woke up and I couldnt feel it. I felt sick the first time straight after I woke up but slept off the anaesthetic for an hour and then could eat normally, I think it depends how deep they put you under.

  • Yeah thanks for your reply!!

    I'm 20 and a size 8 so hopefully I'll have a similar experience haha! It seems to be the worse part is actually waking up and people being sick or in pain. Maybe the anesthetic won't be as bad as I think.

    I don't like the feeling of being out of control haha!! Needles don't bother me. Being a student nurse I completely used to them (unfortunately I'm that horrible purse that gives them haha).

    Its so nerve racking because you don't know how you will react to it all!

  • Iv got mine on Tuesday as well good luck

  • Laposcopy twins haha!

    Best of luck :) xxxx

  • Wow - that is fast! It's good though :-)

    I've had two laparoscopies and have had five GA's (the others being for dental operations).

    I had both laparoscopies done privately and they were both fine. The first one revealed I do have endometriosis, but some was on my bowel, which was quite full - eek! The consultant wasn't happy to remove it in those circumstances so I had to have a second laparoscopy after Picolax. The Picolax experience is something that has stuck in my memory as quite grim!

    The first laparoscopy I felt quite rough after coming round. I wasn't in pain, but I couldn't hold anything down for a while, even water. I suspect I was given morphine and that on it's own or in combination with the anaesthetic was causing the problem. I've never experienced this with any other anaesthetic, but I was fine later the same day and went home.

    The second laparoscopy I told the anaesthetist what had happened the first time and she said she'd use a different anaesthetic which would put me under more gently, although she reassured me I'd definitely be asleep! I also asked not to have morphine and to see how I felt when I woke up.

    Both times I felt sore afterwards, the second time more so. I assume this was because more excision was done during the second lap, but also I didn't have morphine. The pain was definitely manageable both times.

    I hardly remember going under from any operation. I think they usually talk to you and I've always gone under really quick. One second I'm chatting, the next I'm out for the count.

    It's fine. I trust the pilot when I'm in a plane, I trust the doctors when I'm in theatre.

    Good luck!


  • I can't help much with anything other than the GA feeling as I'm still waiting for the gyne to decide its time for a lap.

    I had an op on my mouth though in August so can help with the GA like I said.... It is nerve-wracking but as long as the staff are supportive you shouldn't really realise you are going. Obviously you know its going to start soon as you are lying down with a needle in your hand and being asked to count, or just having a nice chat. You get this slight warming/tingly sensation sweep over you and you are out!!

    I woke up rambling nonsense to the nurse looking after me waiting for me to come to, I didn't feel sick or anything I was so content with life for that half hour when I still felt so drowsy! I remember the doctor talking to me and saying something about me maybe needing another op, and at the time I felt completely awake but looking back at it I can't remember what the bloody hell he actually said or if it even happened as no one seems to know what I'm talking about xD The food afterwards is a god send though... you probably wouldn't enjoy it if you weren't starved before-hand but you are so its very enjoyable... oh the joys of a simple jelly pot and plain vanilla cake!!

    Honestly... good luck just try not to panic too much and because its a lap just please take it easy after!! My op was in my mouth and I still took it easy for a day or two so with it being the tummy more time is going to be needed for sure!! Take it all one step at a time :)

  • I've had 4 laps done and been cut from hip to hip almost in the last year!! after my first lap I was back at work after a week just no hoovering!! I won't go into details about the GA as I'm one of those people who appears to be allergic to everything so I just do react well to it but when it comes to going under one minute I'm chatting next I'm waking up in recovery!! When It comes to the lap recovery it really wasn't bad at all I was having more problems with the antibiotics that were trying to stop the abscesses that were septic! I think I'm lucky as I heal fast even after my big op I was back in work after 3 weeks on light duties but I was there!!! That was in September I've since been back and after hoping to get a year pain free and hopefully do ivf, my endo is running riot again so I'm on my first try of Zoladex which has made me really poorly again! Keep positive you will do great let me know how you get on hugs x

  • I had my first one 10 years ago and like you was very anxious about the anesthetic but luckily they talked me through the whole procedure and the next thing I knew I was waking up.

    Honestly, it's nothing to worry about.

    I'm back in on Tuesday to see gyny as I haven't been seen for four years but have started to experience some pain.

    Hope you get on ok x x

  • Hi, I have had a couple in the last year months - everytime i am so nervous but remember you are doing this to try and get better. When I was being prepped for anesthetic they asked me what I was going to dream about, and I thought that was really nice! So have some good dreams ready! Pack yourself some chocolate biscuits for afterwards. I personally do not come round quickly from anaesthetic so always pack a few overnight things incase they keep me in - ipad, charger, toothbrush, baby wipes and change of clothes etc.

    Not sure if this has been of any help, but the main thing is you will be absolutely fine and this is part of your recovery, the surgeon's know exactly what they are doing and they will look after you xx

  • I had my laparoscopy yesterday. I was very nervous about being put under and made sure I let them know. They gave me something to relax me before anaesthetic and I'm glad I took it.

    Pain wise, it's uncomfortable (and I really am a big baby) but if it's sore again make sure you tell them and get pain relief. The air trapped in shoulders is pretty uncomfortable.

    I'm just taking it easy, drinking plenty, sleeping and taking painkillers- it's all I can do to get through it.

    Good luck and

  • Mine was pretty bad .. I've always never got on with aneasthetic but the last 2 times I've had serious reactions .. Going under is never a problem for me .. I can feel and even taste the aneasthetic but I'm usually out fairly fast. My last surgery, because my endo was severe I had to have an epidural plus general and that was scary but actually not too bad. My bp fell drastic, after my first endo lap and during/after my second. I was left feeling real ill then reacted to the morphine and felt worse still! Sure you're will be fine, just drugs don't agree with me!

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