1st laposcopy, do they always take endo away

I'm going to ask to be referred for my 1st laposcopy to confirm whether I have endo, do they always Remove endo that they find?????, or will they just confirm and then discuss course of action after? Or can I request that they remove all that they find there and then, soooo many questions, but thankfully I'm answering loads since I started on this site, so pleased in found it.

Any information would be appreciated, thank you

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I think it depends on how much endo they find and where it's located. My first surgery was just for diagnosis and had a second operation to remove the endo. I have stage 4 endometriosis tho so I was in surgery for quite a while to get it all removed, however my friend had her endo removed during the initial diagnostic surgery.

Hi. Yean, it depends on the extent and the whereabouts. I've had 2 laps, 3 years apart and becuae of where/how much I have both have just been diagnostic. I've never had any surgically removed. Ask yoir surgeon before the procedure what his plan is. Sometimes they never plan to remove any if they find it. Good luck x

Hi hun.

Just had my first lap. I had given them consent to laser anything off that they found.

Unfortunately they found it on my bladder and didn't take it off due to "risky location". They'll be discussing treatment options with me at my follow up which is supposed to be 4 weeks from lap.


Thanks girls, I'll keep you posted, got appointment tomoz, and I'm strangly excited, just so want it to go my way, fingers crossed please, I'll keep you posted, xxx

Hi, Ive had one lap and gave them consent to put in a mirena and take away any endo that they found but , like some others, its was too severe so they just diagnosed, put in the mirena and discussed options. Lots of luck though, they should discuss this with you and everyone's different! xx

Thank you, I'll do that if I get the option, how are you getting on with the coil

Thank you, I'll do that if I get the option, how are you getting on with the coil

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