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3rd lap on Monday!

Wish me luck ladies I'm going in for my 3rd lap on Monday. My first was Nov 2013 where I was diagnosed with severe stage 4 endo and frozen pelvis. This was after years of horrendous pain and symptoms. After diagnosis I then waited 6 months and had surgery to cut all the endo away. It was only shaved off my bowel though. I was extremely lucky to then be able to fall pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy in August 2015. Since having him though the symptomsand pain have returned quite rapidly. So now I'm going in for them to have another look and see what's going on. Anything small they'll try and remove there and then but anything bigger or more complex like last time I'll have to wait 6 months for another big op 🙈

So my two fears are - 1, That it'll be badagsin and I'll come out no better off and have to wait the 6 months for a big op again.

2, That they'll find nothing and I'll have to live with this pain forever 😭😭

Anyone else been in my situation??xx

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