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Follow up appointment after lap

Hi ladies, so I have my follow up appointment after my laparoscopy march 13th. They said they found no endometriosis but I'm still convinced I have it and then maybe missed it. I know there's alway confusion about scarring on my kidney and I'm convinced that it may be endometriosis but they didn't look that far in my laparoscopy well not that I'm aware of. I'm so frustrated of course no one wants this awful illness but I am so certain I have it and have been certain for years. My laparoscopy was in November still have all the symptoms if not worse since they opened me up and looked around. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do or what to say at my appointment.

Thanks everyone in advance I hope your all well as can be xx

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Was it in a bsge centre.? Was it videod? Can you send the tape to a bsge expert for a second opinion?


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