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Flu like symptoms after my full hysterectomy? Normal or?

Hi ladies, I'mhoping you are in good health, it's been a long time since I've been on here. I've suffered hurrendous endometriosis for years. And fought and fought for a hysterectomy which I'm pleased to say I got on 16th February just gone. I was immediately feeling better my swollen stomach had reduced and the only pain was through the surgery and my really bad scoliosis. But on Friday I felt like someone had kicked me in my privates it was hurrendous the bleeding worsened and after a nap since I'm not sleeping well I have a sore throat banging headache I ache alover and feel sick. And I cant get to my gp , please any advice on this would really appreciated, thank you. Xxx

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Sounds like could be infection??? although I not a medical person... think you really need to get to a Dr or ring 111 asap . Do you have a number for the hospital you had op ring them for follow up advice... hope you feel better soon


Thanks so much for your advice sorry for late reply I've just got out of hospital. After a whirlwind of meds , I'm to go back in a month for a scan as I've got a pocket that's holding infection and up to now it's not shifting. Thanks again xx


Phew glad you alright, you sounded so ill so hope you're feeling a bit better now. what a hard time your having:( hope you start improving now :)


I would try to get in to an urgent care clinic or hospital although infections aren't too common with surgery they can happen.

The thing is during surgery the part of your body that is normally sealed up is exposed to the germs in the air and theres a lot of them in hospitals. Not to mention afterwards your body is really busy healing itself so it's harder for it to fight infection.

It's most viruses your body can block them off with lymphs at the openings that are normally there. For example your throats has tonsils, your nose has hairs and you have pubic hair as well as lymph nodes on the pelvis. When you have surgery although you do have lymph nodes your body isn't as well protected, you also have organs out that connect to the blood stream and a lot of other stuff.

It's a perfectly normal thing to happen, remember hospitals try to keep everything as clean as they can but air is harder to sanatize. And once again it's really rare to get an infection but better safe then sorry.


Thanks for your advice sorry for the late reply I've just got out of the hospital, I really appreciate your help was a pocket of infection on lots more tablets and back in hospital in a month for a scan as up to now it's not shifting, anyway thanks again xx

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I hope you get better soon:)


Hi there. It really doesn't sound right so please seek help from a gp, your Ward, or 111

Bleeding after hysterectomy is really not right.

Having you been overdoing it? You really need to rest and not lift anything for a long time. Take a look at hysterectomy associations website for more help and advice.

Unless endo was excised at time of hysterectomy it will still be there and growing so could be a cause of pain - something to check out once you're feeling better.

Good luck


Thanks for your advice sorry for the late reply I've just got out of the hospital for a injection, thank you again xx


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