I still have endometriosis after a full hysterectomy

Hi all just a little advise really , I've had a hysterectomy at the age of 28 and I'm now 32 I have still got endometriosis as I have it everywhere , I was on HRT which made me worse and put on 2 stone in weight but luckily I have now list it all and back down to 9 stone. I seem to get really bloated every time I eat then I have really bad pains do you think it's the food I eat making my endometriosis worse as it's growing inside out which is why the hospital can't do anymore for me ? Xx

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  • That's awful, my friend still has it after her hysterectomy too, I haven't had one, I get really bloated though and struggle with feeling overweight even though I'm not but have put on 3 lbs in 3. Months, I was wondering if it was certain food too?

  • It's just so so hard to know what foods are making me bloated Just seems like I'm better off not eating sometimes x

  • I've seen the endo diet on the internet but I don't want to live of nuts and seeds lol ;) it's also hard when your hormones make you feel sick and you don't want to eat good food, I drink green tea a lot to help bloated feeling x

  • I've tried green tea and not too keen however I do make my own juices for breakfast and lunch now so I only eat dinner later on , all carbs are a no go for my belly I know that but I love potatoes and I can't eat them x

  • I put half a spoon of sugar in it and get the lemon green tea for flavour it makes it bearable ;) you can get tablet form too from holland and barrett, I can't live without carbs I reckon that makes that constipation worse, just everything in moderation and with as much fresh food as poss, everyone's different though, just got to watch what eat I guess x

  • Aww thanks for the advice ck139 I will give this a try xx

  • Endometriosis could travel any parts of our body. My OBGYN told me many stories, he had a patient who has endo in her lungs and have a symptoms of coughing like "tb". I hope it won't happened to us. After my first lap 5 yrs ago I was 33 he diagnosed me that I have endo. He put me on birth pills to kill the plant and not grow. I took it continously but after 4 yrs fibroids grew in my left side 4 cm. My Doctor said I should undergone hysterectomy. I was depressed. My husband told me to see a Doctor in Brighams and Women's in Boston for 2nd opinion. The Doctor there just removed the big fibroids through insicion last year. Thanked God I didn't have hysterectomy. I'm seeing an OBGYN at BWH now and I just had a Mirena IUD inserted so far so good. This MIRENA doesn't have estrogen. It was the estrogen that makes my endo worst and the pills which has estrogen that gave me a fibroids. Stay away from foods that triggers our endo. There's no cure for endo even after hysterectomy. But we can managed the pain and not get worst. I walk and exercise everyday, drink fresh juice in the morning...combined Beets apple, celery, parsley and ginger and mix it with flaxseed. Good for inflammation inside our body and makes me strong and pain free. Stay away from sugar fructose syrup, chemicals like paraben, glycol, red meat those are bad that will trigger our endo. I pray that one day there's a cure for endo. May God Bless us all.

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