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Waiting time for 2nd Lap

Hi, Just wondered how long those of you that have had a 2nd lap had to wait for the appointment, I was referred in November and have called a few time to check where I am on the waiting list. Last week I was told they were just sending the appointment letters out for those who were referred last July...I understand that there is going to be waiting list and a delay in getting an appointment...but this seems crazy....not a happy bunny!

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It depends where you're being seen I think - I was referred to a bsge centre back in May. Had a scan in June but didn't see the doc til the end of July. I then waited 16 weeks for a first lap, and am having my second surgery with them in a couple of weeks, which will have been a further wait of 18 weeks. The best thing to do is ring PALS and ask them for help as the NHS do have referral to treatment times that they are supposed to stick to.


Thank you for your advise :-)


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