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Laparoscopy recovery


I am having my first laparoscopy tomorrow and am finally getting nervous! I live on my own but have support from my mum and boyfriend for the weekend. The doc is signing me off for a week and said that everyday tasks will be a struggle but u want to hear from someone who has been through it! How long is the recovery time?

I also wondered whether anyone suffers any vaginal bleeding post op? Is there anything I should/shouldn't be doing?

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Somebody will need to be with you for at least the first 24 hours cos of the anasetic. Depending on what work they do you might find a week may not be long enough to be honest, id say a minimum of two weeks. I'm still not back to everything, I'm still limiting work etc, as I've had more pain since my lap, I'm five weeks post lap. I was sterilised and had ablation too, no endo was removed as they said I had too much so that will be done at next op hopefully, but I think that's why I've been in more pain as they've aggravated my endo. I can't say about the bleeding as like I said I had an ablation so I bled for four weeks due to that. Try not to be nervous, easy to say I know, but honest the actual procedure was fine but everyone is different in how they recover depending on what is found and what work is done, so you could be fine after a week and doing cart wheels but if you're not don't beat yourself up about it, take it at your own pace - good luck and let us know how you get on xx

malred8 in reply to worth71


Can I just ask a question of you? I am having my 1st consultant appointment privately through Benenden on Monday, as I am awaiting my 1st lap on NHS but waiting forever it seems. I wanted to know what you meant by having an ablation.

A friend at work had a MEA microwave endometrial ablation that stops you having periods forever. I was thinking about asking for this as apart from my pain which I think is prob milder than most on here my biggest trouble is the extreme tiredness I am exhausted alot of the time and my last period I suffered a lot of pain and flooding it was so embarrassing as I was at work took me about 15 mins every toilet visit to clean up and wipe my legs clean. Would have gone home but not sure I could make it on the bus. So sorry back to my point, is the MEA what u had, if not what was yours. I think if I don't have periods my problems will be over or less. Whilst on Decapeptyl I felt the best I'd been for years pain wise. I had a few night sweats a few panic attacks mild ones though and was still a little tired.

Just not sure what to expect or ask for on this private appointment.

Hope u have time to reply


worth71 in reply to malred8

yes i had the microwave endometrial ablation, its sometimes called novasure too. i had the mirena in before which did lighten my periods but i pretty much bled everyday, and i didnt like the side effects of the mirena which is why i requested the ablation. i cant comment on if it works as its only been just under 6 wks, and i bled the first four and a half weeks. it is not suitable for women who may want to have children later, it is only for women who have finished having children or do not want any. it does not help with pain or symptoms but it should stop or dramatically reduce periods xx

malred8 in reply to worth71

Hi Worth

Thanks for the reply, I am 45 and ready posts on here realise I am extremely lucky to have 4 children so I def don't want more. Think I will request the ablation then, my friends periods have stopped altogether and she just had a few weeks of light bleeding. Do u know if it has to be done at a certain time in your cycle. Hopefully if request it they will do it. Hoping to get a date pretty quickly & lucky to have decided to pay for Benenden through work.

Good luck to you and your recovery and battle with this horrible condition. If men had it it would probably be more recognised ! Feel so sorry for the lady who started this post, waiting so long,being stuck in a little room and not having her reg consultant. The NHS is good but it's so hit and miss.


worth71 in reply to malred8

No I don't think it matters what part of your cycle your in, they never asked me, and to be honest I bled everyday lightly, and then bled heavy on period, I was nearing the end of a two week period when it was done, and then another four and a half weeks of bleeding felt like I'd been on forever, and you're not allowed to wear tampons for six weeks after the ablation, which drove me mad lol. They have to do a transvaginal scan so they can measure the thickness of womb and lining, so they know how much they need to burn off. I hope it works for me, but I'm on the waiting list for a full hysterectomy anyway so not too worried if it doesn't but I've heard mostly good results with it. Good luck, anymore questions just ask or private message xxx

Hi I had my lap yesterday and like you was my first one! I had some endo removed and a lot of loose blood removed. I have been signed off for two weeks to recover. Just a few tips that I got from here that helped. Yes there will be some vaginal bleeding post op so take some sanitary towels in with you. If u don't have one already a v shaped pillow for when you get home is a great idea helps with getting comfortable and support after. I'm not sure if its just me but I couldn't sleep at all last night so have a good book and someone there for the first couple of nights to help with anything while the anisthetic wears off. Good luck I hope it goes well. Let me know how you get on xx

Thank you for the advice. I have sent my mum a message asking to borrow her triangular pillow! The navy have granted my boyfriend leave so he should be with me from tomorrow afternoon until Sunday evening to get me through the worst. I think I will be asking my next door neighbour to put the bins out for me next week though!

I hope you recovery is quicker than they say!


It depends on what u get done really as we are all diff. I had extensive surgery with organs seperated ect. I was in agony for wks and took 2wks off altho doc wanted me off longer then went back reduced hrs for a week but it took me around 6wks in total to feel a bit better. Plenty rest and dont over do anything and u'll heal and recover well :) gd luck xxx

i always forget to say about the v shape pillow, i didnt have one the first few days after my lap, my first trip out was to dun elm, and i picked one up, and boy what a difference, i so wish i had the first few days when i stayed in bed, but it is the most wonderful thing lol. i now use it when i first go to bed anyway, and then i sleep with it between my knees, it seems to help my pelvic pain a little bit, maybe because it keeps the hips more in line xx

Unfortunately, mum threw hers out after decluttering her house but she is going to bring me extra pillows. Hopefully they will help!

My pain is generally when I need the loo and during intercourse. Ironically, since I met with the consultant a month ago, I haven't had the pain during intercourse nor bled! I don't know whether I hope they find something or not to be honest! In a way I do as I have had to fight with several different doctors since January of last year. Each one having a look and saying there's nothing wrong, despite having a severe bleed last year immediately after intercourse! Sorry - rant over!


Had my laparoscopy this morning and was luckily first on the list!

The surgeon came to see me in recovery and said that he was surprised to see so much endo. It was all on the left side and there were 3 main bits. He didn't say what stage they were but 1 was especially deep. It's all been removed which has left me with 3 small incisions. I'm uncomfortable but I wouldn't say it's very painful. Not looking forward to tonight though to be honest. From other surgical procedures elsewhere on my body, I know that the night is always the worst time. I'll take some pain killers before going to bed I think.

Need to go back for a follow up in 3 months but there is always the risk of a repeat.

I have stitches with glue on top which has filled up my belly button in a comical manner!

I'll keep you posted.


Ps I got to see the pictures after!

worth71 in reply to Shellg934

Glad it's all done, at least you now have answers, and good they removed most of it, none of mine got removed, I felt a bit cheated that it wasn't. Keep the painkillers regular, you may find the pain gets a bit worse on day 2 or 3 as sometimes the anasetic is still in your system the first day or so. I wish I had glue on my stitches, I expected the belly button one and the one on bikini line to take the longest to heal but it was actually the side one that has caused me problems, it still hasn't fully healed over and it's nearly six weeks. I'm going to ask at my next appointment to see my pics lol, now take care and get lots of rest xx

I had my 1st lap 2 days ago and I feel better than I expected to at this point. Was painful once the hospital morphine had worn off but I'm surprised how comfortable I feel. I am bloated, sore and a bit battered but the pain is manageable with meds.

I am hoping to be back at work within 2 weeks on a back to work plan. So for now I'm totally behaving, resting up and allowing my battered body to heal.

I second Piptime! I have just returned to work after two weeks off and feel fine now - a little tired but generally fine!

The worst time for me was also when the morphine wore off and I got home with no painkillers!

Rest, rest and more rest will do the trick! and don't be afraid to take painkillers to keep yourself comfortable.

Treat yourself to some peppermint creams for the gas pains :)

Hope you're feeling ok x

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