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Post ablation syndrome hysterectomy

It seems finally 2 months after ablation and absolute agony since op I have post ablation syndrome ..... I have been referred for hysterectomy by a bgse surgeon I also already had adenomyosis and endometriosis+ small blood filled cyst ... bit scared but I am 41 and dr says this is the only way to get rid of the pain caused by scarring 3% of people suffer with this after ablation does anyone else have any experiences similar?

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Not quite the same but I had hysterectomy and ovaries out in Feb 2015 and been in pain since. This was as endo not removed at time but it sounds like you've had yours all removed which should help.

I'd suggest taking a look at hysterectomy associations website as run by a lady who had a hyster a few years ago but lots of people on there so hopefully some with similar experience to you.

Best of luck


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