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Need support regarding first laparoscopy

Hello! It is my first time on this site but I would really appreciate some advice and information about personal experiences from a laparscopy. I am only 16 and have been told that I'm the youngest patient the laparscopy team will ever have operated on... yikes!

I have had an eventful three year and I have finally been given the go ahead for surgery to diagnose (or not diagnose!) endometriosis. I have had three ultrasounds, all of which have come back clear, but the endometrial specialists have noticed that i may have symptoms of fibroids and adhesions. A lot of symptoms have been bothering me for a while, but I just wondered if any of the ladies here have the same/similar symptoms?

Severe pain on period, and every time in between periods, severe pain when urinating, painful bowel movements, pain in the pelvis and hips when walking long distances, burning pain close to the skin, pain felt deep inside the pelvis, pain when passing stools, pain that isn't alleviated by the pill as well as naproxen teamed up with co-codamol. The pain I experience during my periods is so severe that I can't go to school, and this is usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting. I would regard the pain and very severe as I just sit at home and cry the place down :( I am very scared about the side effects, if there is any, of the surgery and I am scared about what 2ill happen if I do have endometriosis. I feel like I have been hitting a brick wall for so long, this isn't just 'unexplained' pain, it can't be, I feel like I haven't been listened to properly on occasion because of my age, but this is not normal in somebody without a problem.

It is also worth noting that I have a weak pelvic floor, which is extremely embarrassing for me since Ican't participate in trampolining and other activities in school like my friends due to this.

I am having my laparoscopy in June time (after my exams!) but I am worried about the surgery in general, the general anaesthetic and pain. I have had two generals before but refused pre-medication (because I was a stubborn child back then!) but I realise now that I would not even be able to go any where near theatre without them. I would really appreciate any tips or advice! X

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Hi I'm 22 and this post brought back some memories for me. I started having symptoms when I was 17 and like you, prescription painkillers didn't help and I couldn't go to school, the period pain I had was absolutely agony too. I didn't get a referral for a lap until I was 22. I'm happy to see that you have been referred at this stage. The thought of surgery is very daunting and I was terrified before. I had never had a proper operation and hadn't had general anaesthetic since I was a young child. However, they gave me something to relax me right before as I was so nervous. I was talking to the anaesthetist and then I don't remember a thing! I didn't feel myself drifting off or I didn't have to count backwards or anything. Then I woke up. It felt like time had passed but not loads, just two hours or so. It really wasn't as scary as I was expecting. The pain of the lap itself isn't too bad. The pain from the gas they use is worse than any pain from the wound. Actually it wasn't anywhere near as bad as my endo pain so it's all fine! Being diagnosed is quite scary but for me after 5 years, I found it a massive relief. I finally knew what was wrong and had answers. It's still quite a lot to digest given the uncertainty surrounding it but the earlier you get diagnosed, the easier it is to make plans for the future. Make sure you're informed of any risks though and ask your consultant or surgeon any questions you want to ask them :)

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Thank you so much! It will be a relief when I find out what is going on.


I was mildly uncomfortable after surgery from the gas for a few days (drink copious peppermint tea and move about gently a lot) but had very little pain post operatively from the procedure itself. My main issue was bloating and tenderness ( buy two sizes up in pants and hold ups and loose joggers) plus posy op fatigue which they seem to think was related to the morphine or general but if youve had a general anaesthetic before that's unlikely to happen to you. I'd never had an op at all before. I've had a GA since and was fine so it was the particular drug I think.

Drink as much water as you can up until your time limit to minimise dehydration if your bladder is sensitive. My dried out and I was kept in on a drip to rehydrate overnight.

Aside from a slow recovery it wasn't as bad as I thought though my endo woes are far from over post the diagnostic lap.


Hope you do well my daughter is fighting for surgery and has had it twice. She also has Fibromyalgia so it hurts even worse . Thank God you are getting your surgery. God Bless. Patti Russell


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