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I'm diagnosed endo and pcos which as we know causes ibs and generally goes in cycles with your period.

Recently I've been very constipated and even though I'm trying to eat healthy (lots of fibread and natural sugar) to get things moving, also taking senokot. But what is worrying me is that the pain isn't like normal where is just general abdo pain.

I've had a pain in the left side of my groin for about a week and it's very localised in one spot, everytime I put my foot down it sends a pain through my left side. At one point I couldn't walk it was so bad.

The doctors won't listen! Please is anyone has any advice I could really use it!


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It sounds like an ovarian cyst, sometimes they'll resolve on their own but other times they need surgery. Ask for an ultrasound, it might show it.

When they resolve on their own you'll feel a sharp pain and than a warm numbing feeling and you may pass dark blood.

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Hi chances are if you have endometriosis it could be a cyst but more than likely because the pain is on your left side it's to do with your bowls. I have had cysts that have burst and had to have surgery because I put it down to emdo pain or constipation so it is deffo worth getting checked and if the pain is at the point you cannot move or walk ignore your gp and go to a&e. I think more than likely it's constipation pains, I find lots of melted cheese and pure orange works. Try not to take tablets to help things as these can irritate your emdo pains and make you feel like you need to go but Carnt. I don't know if this helped but hopefully you know your not on your own x

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