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Morphine for pain

Hey guys,

Well! Another visit to the GP where I wasn't listened too and dismissed. Really feel like I'm cracking.

Had a laproscopy last week that confirmed Stage 3 endo all over my pelvic lining. Looked like a Dalmation! I also have cysts on my left ovary and my left fallopian tube is blocked. I'm trying to conceive so can't use contraceptive or hormonal methods. So its down to pain management until I get pregnant.

However, despite taking diclofenac, tramadol, codeine, and buscopan all at the same time, I am still in significant pain! The GP today basically said "well it works a little so that's that!" He also claimed he has never heard of people taking morphine for endo pain.

So my question is: If you take morphine for pain, how did you end up with it!

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I have taken morphine for many years for my endo pain, i take alot of other medication on a daily basis and then morphine for when i cannot cope any longer. I use to take oramorph and took oramorph for years however the doctors werent happy with it so they tried me on slow release morphine patches, which i became allergic to, so they tried me on mst, this was no good as i needed a quick fix for the pain so back to oramorph i went, however in the last year or so i started having mood changes and getting seriously angry after taking it! I now take a morphine tablet, it takes about half an hr to kick in, so a little longer than oramorph but i dont seem to get the mood change as bad! I was pretty lucky really, i was going to me AnE alot with pain when i couldnt cope and they would always give me oramorph, but that couldnt go on, so i spoke to my Gp but my Gp is pretty much a family friend as he trained under my nan at our local hospital when she was a sister on the maternity ward, so he knows us well and he knows my nan has an understanding of medication so he was happy to prescribe it for me. However people i have met along the way, my gyne.. pain management..physio, all judged me and made me feel awful and unusual for having the morphine option! I understand why they are so careful about morphine but on the other hand they arent the ones experiencing our pain!!! I think it is quite rare to get morphine for endo pain but it isnt unheard of and if thats what you feel you really need dont give up! There are lots of different morphine options out there and you need to find whats best for you! However just a word of warning i have previously been told by my gp morphine is one of them drugs that can make it a little bit harder to conceive, a bit like if you drink alcohol regularly etc, dont give up and make your doctor talk through all the options with you! Hes not living your life!!!! Good luck x


Thank you for your reply. I have decided to go back and see a different GP and tell them I'm not happy with my treatment and ask to be referred to the Pain Management Clinic. Hopefully, they will have a better idea of how to help me!

Just sick of being dismissed! But after crying it out, now I'm angry!


I take slow release morphine tablets every day and isomorphic when things are severe.


Have you tried seeing a different gp to see what they say? I take zapain and oramorph together. I said that I'm taking zapain and after about 2.5-3 hours I'm feeling the pain again and I'm pretty much crying and watching the clock until the 4 hours were up. my GP mentioned tramadol but I've had those before and they make me itch loads so he said the only other thing was oramorph. Kills the pain but also sends me to sleep!


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