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Liquid Morphine Helps my endo pain


Since discovered my Endometriosis Liquid morphine helps with my pain when I can't cope, my advice is be careful and don't get hooked on it as it can be addictive.

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Does Morphine have the same effects as codeine - i.e. constipation?!

Thanks :-)

If anything it makes me sleepy and kills the pain which is the main thing

Mikey9 in reply to Jo22frank22

I get sleepy and feel like I'm lying in a warm bath. But having to take more & more to get the original effect which is worrying me pretty badly.

Shelly92 in reply to LauraB_04

Yes all those pain meds cause constipation

Mineral oil lots of water

Well I've had no problems with it when I take it occasionally when needed when paracetamol, codeine, ibuprofen don't work then last resort I have the liquid morphine to take the edge off the pain. Hope this helps you. It is god sent to me! I would be in hospital at least once a month if I didn't have that.

Yes it can, but apparently not as much as codeine based meds.

Amazing if you can get doctor to prescribe it

Jodie16 in reply to Jodie16

I was on it for a few weeks after my surgery and took the smallest amount to get me through the day/night when I just couldn't cope with the pain any longer. I didn't get any withdrawal symptoms but I stretched the bottle over a 7 week period. It's very helpful.

Thats exactly what I was thinking! How did you get it prescribed, was it a battle?

Jo22frank22 in reply to JessieP

I got it from the hospital but your doctor can prescribe it, tell them your struggling to cope with the pain.

How often do you take it? Can you work using it?

Jo22frank22 in reply to Jodie16

I take 5ml when I can't cope with the pain but only when I'm not going to be driving. I usually take it in the evening.

Yes you will get addicted to that drug

It's picking which is the least damaging

DRs can give it

They are not keen on it

Problem is tolerance rises fast then you have an extra issue to deal with

Research all you can

Talk to all doctors

Ask them if it was their daughter wife what would they suggest

Wow, thanks for the info! I had morphine gel while in patient just after op and that was the only drug I didn't mind taking as it tasted glucose and felt like given energy while I wasn't eating anything.

I will keep this in mind and will certainly think about the drug to be prescribed form my GP when needed.

Hi all.

I had a hysterectomy when i was 29. My gynaecologist at the time, told me it was a cure, for Endometriosis.

I am now 54 and experiencing, more pain and problems, else where in my body. Than ever before.

I now have no large intestine, as everythiing in my pelvic area stuck together, because of the endo. I have an Illiostomy, which is a bag , that is suck to my side, that my small intestine empties into. I still have blood loss from my intestine.

Although the hysterectomy stopped my twice monthly bleeding. It did not stop the bleeding ,from my rectom. Which as i said above. Is now a bag on my side.

I am in more pain now, than ever before. I am actually bed bound. There have been times, when i have actually tried to end my life.

The last time, I was in a coma for a week or so. Leaving my poor family to suffer, so i have promised never to OD again.

However sometimes i wish i never promised. I now have two gorgeous grandsons. But even trying to enjoy them is really hard and exhausting.

I have a wonderful husband, that has put up with a lot over the years, we have been married for 33years. Sadly we are more like brother and sister. Than husband and wife. I have offered him out. To find himself a woman , that can be a wife in every sense of the word. But he says he loves me. Even if he knew before we married, how i would end up. He would do it all over again.

He is my rock.

So please any of you ladies, who may have been told to have a hysrectomy. Please don't. It just causes a lot of other problems.

My love abd best wishes to you all.

liquid morphine eases my pain asked your doctor. It does help with the pain when it gets too much. Good luck 🍀 be strong. Xx😊

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