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Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy

I had hysterectomy because I had a lesion on my uterus and my kidney and I had cysts and tumors so apparently I had one that was so bad that it was attached my bowels to my cervix so was set for surgrey i was in surgrey for quite some time . they found that i had adenomyosis and removed it also. So my question is how do you handle this gas build up?? It hurts so bad and takes alot out of me when i have this attack so how do i deal with this pain and help with or suggestiins to help with gas and pain thank mrs sherwood

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You could try to drink peppermint tea and walk as much as possibe. Small quantities of prune juice will help get your bowels moving. It will get better with time. Wishing you well with your recovery x


Best of luck with your recovery. Peppermint tea or capsules can help and walking around the house can help

Take a look at hysterectomy associations website as v useful.


Peppermint tea is good, walking around and massaging the stomach (if you can) to get the trapped wind out.


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