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I’m waiting to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy & bowel shave but have a holiday booked

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Hi all I’m waiting for a op date to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy, ovary removal & bowel shave. It was meant to be December but think it’s more jan now. I have a centre parcs holiday booked for half term feb with my brother & his family and my hubby is panicking I won’t be well enough.

It’s really hard to know what to do as have no op date & obviously no crystal ball to tell me how it will go.

Should I be cancelling it “just encase” or shall I risk it and if necessary just rest in chalet while hubby takes daughter out?

I don’t want to disappoint people and I’ve already changed family plans re Christmas as thought it was going to be December.

Life on hold!!

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have u been chasing your appointment? might be worth speaking to the hospital to see if they can give u an indication. from my experiences surgery has always been a much longer wait than what the consultants advised. i had to wait 9 months for my hyster. its horrible being in limbo isnt it x

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ccsmith in reply to dawntildusk

I think the wait is the worst I think! I have chased and she said she would speak to the consultant. She gave me a brief idea as there discussing me in a meeting on the 12th so I think I will phone again after then. It’s just typical if your prepared it doesn’t happen if your not!!

Hi, have you asked to go on the cancellation list? This may speed up the process. I was very lucky and got my total hysterectomy six weeks after decision made with my consultant. Good luck. Also can you cancel your holiday through your insurance if the surgery date does clash? Xxx

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ccsmith in reply to Tinkerbell16

Thanks I think because I’m on the combined gynae/bowel list they just grab next on list. I had a long chat with my brother last night & he’s reassured me he will take my daughter if I’m not fit enough! Only downfall with that is we’ve paid £600 & that’s a lot just for my 7year old for 5 days.

It’s just a horrid waiting game & i hate not being in control. Need to relax & stop fretting 😂

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Tinkerbell16 in reply to ccsmith

Have you tried mindfulness I found it helped me to switch off x

Did you buy holiday insurance at the time of booking? (generally there is an additional cost for endo maybe about £60 for a week, if you didn't book it this time maybe do so in future - I had a similar thing happen with a holiday)

I think you've already answered your question above, if you're too unwell then sit in the chalet.

Take the postitive - you can now have a great Christmas not in recovery

If your surgery is before end of jan that will be grand, you would be 2 weeks post surgery by time of holiday and def capable of participating in a lot of activities at centre parcs (just rest when you need to, and go to bed a bit earlier, use pain meds to get you through and then rest more heavily again when your daughter is back at school and get extra support the week after you're home as you'll be tired).

Second scenario is that the surgery date falls say between 1-14 Feb - just tell them you are booked to go on holiday mid feb and ask if it is possible to shift your date until after the holiday. You can do this once without penalty so it will all be fine x

Hi ccsmith I was in the same situation as you, I am booked to go Lanzarote in jan for a family holiday with my hubby and his sister over from oz who we haven’t seen in 4 years! I am having a chocolate cyst removed and my consultant ( who I seen in June told me to expect op in December! End of December so I was so worried as had no official date through, I got a pre op date through for 26th November and a week later got a date through for op for 8th of Feb so I can still go away in jan but I live in Bedfordshire so it depends on the area I would call up the admissions office and just ask where you are on the list xx

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ccsmith in reply to Blake16

Glad you get to go on holiday. That’s a long time between pre op & op! However I had my pre op 22/11 so probably will be in the same boat.

I just want this done now I’ve been in so much pain past 2 days and doing everyday stuff is tough. X

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