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Incomplete laparoscopy, still no answers, and absolutely devastated :(

Hi everyone, so as you know I was due to go in for my very first diagnostic laparoscopy on Friday to hopefully get a diagnosis for all of this pain.

Everything was going fine, I got there super early, was put into my gown and given anti-sickness and painkillers etc. I saw the anaesthetist who was lovely and I was talked through what was going to happen. I waited around three hours in my cubicle for my turn in theatre and walked down there, was laid on the bed and put to sleep and that's all I can remember.

I awoke to a lot of nurses around my bed wheeling me to recovery, and I kept fighting with the anaesthetist to take the breathing mask off my face! I wasn't told anything at first.

Whilst I was coming round in recovery, I looked down at my tummy and there was only one dressing over my belly button which I thought was odd. My mum was then allowed in to see me and I was asking questions about what they found etc. and was told that I'd had an incomplete laparoscopy because they had to stop the operation due to complications. As you can imagine I was absolutely devastated and sobbing.

Nothing the gynaecologist/surgeons said was making any sense - it was something to do with the gas they were putting into my tummy to see and operate clearer that went to the wrong place so they had to stop? Has this happened to anybody else before?

So basically I went through all of that for nothing because they still can't tell me what's wrong with me. I have been distraught for days because in the days leading up to the surgery I was bed-ridden instead of being a healthy 19 year old university student going to lectures. I was in so much pain and now I'm expected to carry on in this much pain and just get on with life, but I can't :'(

So much was resting on that laparoscopy, and I've been told I have to wait another 6 months before they can do it again because apparently it's dangerous to put you under general anaesthetic more than once in a 6 month time period unless it's an emergency (e.g. car accident or whatever). For me, this is an emergency :( Has anybody got any advice please because right now the prospect of carrying on living like this is literally ruining me, I feel so unbelievably down.

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Hey lovely.

So sorry to hear about the ordeal that you have been through! I'm due to have my Lap in a few weeks and I can imagine that I would feel the exact same as you do now, if that happened to me. I know how tough it is trying to fight for answers through your pain so to finally get a date for diagnosis then have it taken straight from you is awful!

It's a shame that they can't operate for 6 months, I really did not think the wait would be that long- I can understand your frustration with that!

Perhaps you could see your doctor and ask to have the coil fitted or something like that? It could help reduce your pain and settle your periods whilst waiting. It may not be for you however I'm sure there will be options you can discuss with your consultant to deal with the pain up until your next OP.

So sorry that I have no better advice- I really hope you recover okay and the next 6 months fly by for you.

Take care- just a chat away if you want to rant. :)x

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While I was waiting for my second lap between March and August last year I was offered a course of Prostap which very effectively helped with my pain. However it causes your body to go into a menopausal state so your doctors may be reluctant to prescribe Prostap due to your age. Have your doctors been able to offer any advice about managing pain until your op?

My first lap got cancelled on the day and I was devastated, even though all I'd had to do was some waiting around - so I can only imagine how you are feeling. Xx

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Just saw your post and understand how scared and angry you must be. I had my lap yesterday and the first thing I did was try to see how many bandages I had as I was also looking for diagnosis.

Have you spoken to the gynaecologist about going on the pill and tricycling? It means taking 3 months in a row and it means a lot less periods and usually lighter and less painful. I did this for 6 months before my lap. I also had the mirena coil fitted yesterday.

You should definitely go back to your doctor and talk about other options to manage pain until you can have another lap.


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