Is this fair?!


I have suffered with endometriosis for 3 years now I have quite servre endo and obviously from that I regually get I'll and am in pain.

I do have to take time off work a job which ive been at 8 months. But I only do this when I have to and always get the doctor to sign me off as proof.

My job is stressful my boss acts very unprofessionally swearing at me shouting at me which makes me very stressed an down I already suffer with anxiety and depression.

This last week I've been signed off work I've had texts hounding me when I'm going back why in off work for? And messages implying I'm not really sick its making me stressed to the point where I'm I'll again. I'm not meant to go back till Tuesday but I'm feeling forced to go back tomorrow

I am trying to find a new job which isn easy.

Any advise can they make me feel like this and keep messaging me when I have given them a sick note. I'm so stressed my endo is flaring up and I have flu I need to work other wise I'd walk out!!!

Any advise would be great ❤👌

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  • Hi emmalouise

    No your boss cannot treat you like that you have not done anything wrong and you should not go back to work until you feel you are well enough to.

    If you have handed in a sick note then you should not be getting calls and text whilst you are at home resting you do not need the pressure its harrassment and they should certainly not be implying that you are lying!

    If you are able to i would complain to whoever is above your manager and keep your texts and call logs as proof. I would also make them aware that your manager shouts and swears at you on a regular basis as that is not a healthy working enviroment to be in and you do not go to work to be abused.

    If you are part of a union they will be able to give you advise but you can also get advise on your rights as an employee from citizen advise and online at direct gov x


    This gives some advise on time off, sickness, discrimination and bullying in the workplace may be of some us to you :)

  • Thankyou its a small company I work for and its the director who is doing this there is no hr dept or anything like that to go to!!! I feel so stuck I have a interview on Friday for a new job but weather I get it is another question!!! Xx

  • Really it makes you wonder how some people even have businesses treating there staff like that! Good luck with the interview i hope you find yourself a new job soon x

  • I know right I'm pulling my hair out! Thankyou fingers crossed. Xx

  • I would print off some images of severe endo and say that you have been asked what you are off for and that is what your insides look like.

    The important issue is whether your endo is being treated correctly if it is severe - are you at a BSGE accredited endo centre if you are in the UK?.

  • Hi yes good point I may do that for tomorrow as I'm passed the point of Caring if they think I'm being sarcy lol

    Yes I am my gyne has referred me to the endocrinologist not sure what their for and what they do but hopefully they'll help ?? X

  • So did you have thorough excision of your endo?

  • The first operation no as he wanted to do zoladex first second op in October 16 yes he removed most of it but within a month I was in agony again!!! Worse than before xx

  • Pretty sure he's breaking the law contacting you when you are signed off hon. Have you seen the endo U.K. Info sheet on employment etc? You should also be protected in some way by the disabilities act. It doesn't specify every illnesss but the statement that they use to define disability fits. Give me a min and I'll send some links.

    Also it's worth looking at ACAS website and speaking to them x


    Here you go love. Hope the above are helpful. Also apart from this your boss should not swear or be abusive. Sounds like an utter dick and bully so ACAS can help you with this too x

  • Also may be worth asking if your specialist can write a letter or report outlining your condition and the effects. Failing that kick him in the balls and tell him to get back to work x

  • Thankyou for that info!! Ive gone back today and hes completely made out that hes all nice asking if I should be there if I didn't need the money I'd be gone!!! Think he is just bipolar lol xx

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