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TTC baby 3 with endo & blocked tubes!

Hi all I'm in my late 30's and hoping for a miracle baby naturally as IVF not an option, so far nothing and AF is due Monday, I know I'm out this cycle but it's cool, I tested at 9 dpo bfn I'm 10 now :(

I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone has succeeded in having a baby in my position. Wishing you all baby dust and looking foward to chatting with you all.

Bit of info I'm currently temping vaginally, opk test sticks too, my temp had been 98.50 the last 4 days I also track cm and cervix I don't know why because it just makes me obsessive.

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Blocked tubes need to be cleared out inorder for you to conceive naturally, they carry the sperm to the egg. If they're blocked there is no way for the sperm to get to the egg.

Not to mention, if the sperm does get to the egg there's a possibility of an ecoptic pregnancy since the fertilized egg most likely will not be able to move to the womb.


I haven't had them looked at for almost 4yrs so during that 4yrs I opted to have the coil to help with endo it clearly worked because I'm living a pretty pain-free life now, I've be referred back to gynecology and I'm hoping to maybe have another lap & dye. When they said they were blocked before they were trying to unblock them but couldn't, but I'm hoping for a miracle, you just never know.


However if they are blocked and cannot be cleared it can be dangerous for your health, I'm sorry but miracles sometimes don't happen. The coil would stop the endo from growing however its rare that it actually would completely fall off. Not to mention there's a chance of them being blocked from scar tissue that needs to be surgically removed.

If they unblock your tubes then yes there's a chance of you conciveing but if they don't you risk an ecoptic pregnancy.


Yes I already know all this, it won't stop me trying though. My appointment is in a few weeks do will see what they suggest.


Hi, I have been trying naturally for around 10 months now and nothing. Only recently started tracking ovulation and it's always negative so my tubes are most likely blocked, which is what the docs predicted.

I have gynae on tues so we can discuss my options. Although the past month I have been taking serrapeptase and it has worked a dream. I Have been living endo pain free for the first time in years. I'm praying for a miracle too so I know how you must be feeling. Just don't loose your optimism!

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