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Finally have a meeting with the specialist 27th Feb!

Woo 27th of Feb will have my first consultation with a specialist about my Endometriosis. I'm hoping he can remove all the endometriosis and remove the endometrioma without having to chop out one ovary and part of my bowel. Wishful thinking maybe?! But hey at the end of the day I'm hoping to be pain free for a bit and increase my fertility if that's at all possible after 3 years of nada. I have a list of questions I want to ask mainly around reoccurrence and likelihood of it increasing my fertility. Hopefully as I'm going private with my health insurance I wont have to wait ages before I get the OP if we decides that's the best course of action and I'm pain free come round 2 of IVF :-) x

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Hi i would love to hear how u got on. I have had a failed ivf cycle last yr and now i am in alot of pain due to an endometrioma on my right ovary which i suspect has grown- i want to try another round of ivf but am so worried this cyst will prevent things from workin properly. I have made an appt for a consultation with an endo specialist to c if he can help as the gynaecologist i went to refused any more sirgery 😔


I've since had surgery :-) 3 weeks post op and feeling fine. I have no pain on my left side although my period this month was abit erratic. I'm hopefully due to start round 2 this month on long protocol and hoping come my baseline scan I have no cysts. I wanted to optimise my chances so if it doesn't work this time I no there is nothing more I can really do x


Good luck, i hope it goes well for u xx

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