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weight gain?

Hi, i'm all new to this, been in pain for nearly 2 years, finally(this week) doctor suggested that i might have endometriosis, well he is nearly 100% sure. he suggested mirena and laparoscopy. I opted for Mirena first and then after 5 month to see him again and see how i get on. But the big question now is do any of you ever noticed weight gain because of this? I have been on strict diet, not eating more than 1200 calories a day, excercises, daily walks.. but all i most do is gain weight, some weeks it have even been +4kg.. then i will loose it, but after a while again. It drives me mad, hate to look at myself , plus all that pain. I'm size 10 now, but would love to go back to size 8, plus seems like all weight is around tummy. My Gp have done many blood tests, but all come back normal. Not sure what else to do. another question.. do any of you have pains in your legs(upper)>

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Bloating is a symptom of endometriosis, do you think the appearance of weight around your tummy could be due to bloating? Mine has been severe at times. When I've made an effort to lose some weight it can be depressing because then my bloated tum looks even bigger in comparison. Since I've had a laparoscopy and treatment I do seem to find it easier to lose weight X


i have noticed if i get more bloated then pain is coming . well it hurts everyday, but its just period type pain. And every know and then(could be twice a week or once a month) when i get really bad pains when i just can't walk . So when my tummy is bloated i know that next day i will be crying because of the pain .


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