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I'm new :) Morning sickness due to Endo not pregnancy

Hi I'm new on here and wondered if anyone suffers from sickness and intense nausea in the mornings sometimes just around the time of painful periods due to Endo for a few days but some months for longer. The sickness is wearing me down even more. I had laparoscopy a year ago and 3 patches of 'mild' Endo removed by laser. I had about 5 weeks pain free and then worse pain ever since. I vomit the pain is so intense and most often lose use of my right leg and had the occasional pass out. My GP has prescribed me morphine and it barely does a thing, only a burning hot bath takes the edge off. I am awaiting my next appointment with gynae and me and partner are awaiting an app for fertility treatment due to no conception in over 3 yrs. Until recent I had regular periods only experiencing the pain on the first day but has since gone to fortnightly and the pain at random times and it is running me into the ground. Any advice appreciated I'm beginning to loose hope :(

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Hi Jen so sorry your having such a rubbish time with it lately, I was having a really bad flare up late last year before my last op and no pain killers where working tramodol or oramorph when I was admitted with the pain they started me on amitriptyline too to have at night to shit the nerves in that area down that then helped and the pain relief became more effective along side it? Xxx


Thanks for the advice I will mention the amitriptyline see if I can try that. I'm willing to give anything a go. I've recently paid to see a private dietician that's helped me develop a diet plan to help with the inflammation. It's just becoming unbearable and I'm scared it's only going to get worse xx


Sorry forgot to say I also suffer with really bad sickness especially the morning my go just said was same as pregnancy as the hormones are everywhere with endo.


I have sickness too before my periods too nauseous and headache .

Have you had your blood checked recently to see if you have any deficiency in vitamins or iron ?

Good luck on ivf xx


Thanks 🤞🏻Yes I have regular blood checks and I make sure I have plenty of iron in my diet as I've had that issue in the past. It's just even more draining when there's sickness to battle every morning. I still manage to hold down a full time job but have no energy left to do anything round the house and it gets me down even more. Starting a strict diet from Monday to see if that helps the symptoms at all while waiting for further treatment and appointments. Hopefully that will help but I'm quite a fussy eater so I'm not looking forward to a big change in food xx

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