Any ideas?

5 years ago I had a hysterectomy to remove endometriosis. 2 years ago I was advised it had returned. I am now in loads of pain and having real issues with bowel function. My go has been great but all I can get is pain relief. I am on slow release morphine tablets and use oramorph when necessary . I have been off sick for a few weeks and am exhausted.

I have made an appointment to go to a private specialist and currently attend a chronic pain group.

Any ideas of anything else I can try????

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  • Hi you need to get a referral for a BSGE centre, your GP can do this and they are NHS. You need all endo removed by excision surgery.

  • They are not keen to operate a I have had so many previous surgeries.

    I have just checked and there us one at Qa my local hospital.

    Thank you for your help😊

  • I had hyster and ovaries out in Feb 2015 and in awful pain now and am in waitinglist for excision as this wasn't done at the time. It's taken a while to persuade surgeons to do surgery but they are now. It is bsge clinic so would agree on referral there as more likely to help.

  • Thank you

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