No endo found after first lap - any idea what it could be?

Nothing of any interest was found at all, for that matter. I have a series of photos that show my perfectly healthy anatomy, and no explanation for my chronic, cyclical pelvic pain. I was wondering if anyone else had had this experience, and could give me any idea what to do now, or to ask my surgeon about at my follow-up appointment in January.

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  • Hi there sometimes endometriosis can be so microscopic it is not found the best way to know for sure is try some progesterone treatments I know lots of ladies that use prostrap if it controls your pain you most likely have endometriosis. I use natural progesterone cream and that helps my symptoms some ladies use The pill and some a coil. It could also just be you have pelvic inflammation. Did you gynae/Doctor have any suggestions? Either way it is not right to have undiagnosed pain you do need to get to the bottom of it.

  • Could be endo in the pouch of douglas an area often hard to locate. The other possible option is scar tissue but a lap should technically see evidence of filmy adhesions adhering other organs.

    Maybe ask to see an endo adhesion specialist gyne!

  • You could be like me and show no endo but because the high dose progesterone I take really helps the consultant has diagnosed me with adenomyosis which cannot be seen in a lap until it's made the womb swell enough to notice. I know you probably feel like a fraud now, I know I did when the told me in my 2nd lap that I had nothing wrong. The thing is, our menstrual cycle can affect our bowels and so if it was a bowel problem it would get worse around your period so it might be worth investigating that area too. big hugs xxx

  • Hi, I´m the same. I had a lap 3 weeks ago and not found any but I need to check with my gp in case is Adenomyosis. I will like to keep in touch with you to see what they say to you. Good luck.

  • Thanks everyone. I've been taking a combined pill which has helped, however the consultant said that if it helped they'd be more confident that it was endo before doing the lap...

    I might ask about adenomyosis or bowel problems...

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