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Ideas, Diets, Lifestyle, Any information from your experience on Falling pregnant. thank you x

I have just had my appointment with my consultant about trying for a child its only been 4 months so not long i know, but he said that he wont do any tests on me or my partner till July 2013 which i understand completely because that was when we had decided to try.

any advice would be great i know the basic things like no alcohol, cigarettes, sex every other day etc, but any tips that are slightly unusual or even just a few guided diets that may of worked

thank you! :) hope you are all well x

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Yes you shouldnt worry too much its only a few months, but if you have a history of endo I would expect your gynae to start tests/checks before the end of the year (july 2013). Have you had a lap or treatments in the past?

You know already the basic, you should avoid caffeine as well and why dont you try the supplements, I have read that pre-natal supplements from Vitabiotics are really good and they have the equivalent ones for your partner too. In this way, if you and your partner have all the essential vitamins, minerals etc you maximise your chances to become pregnant.

Also no shower straight after sex and try to stay afterwards in bed for a bit (meaning not standing up)

I'm about to have my 2nd lap in a few days and then me and my hubby will start trying for a baby too. Thats why I'm quite informed in what to do and not lol ;)

Best of luck :)

Jo x



Yeah i had a lap early January this year to remove to spots of endo, thank you for your information it means a lot like the lying down bit I've heard of the 'legs in the air' but there's only so long you can do that and the cushion under your back so as long as i stay lying down its a good chance?

I hope you have a speedy recovery after your lap so you can start trying asap, i try not to think about it too much because i know if you go on and on about it sometimes it puts it off but it is exciting and nerve wrecking

thank you for your reply!!

Cori x


the lying with legs in air was always one i done, no idea if it helped tho, but always worth a try!! with my last baby i had a lot more diff getting pregnant. my lovely gynae perscribed me provera (not depoprovera like injections etc) and it was a really high dose, most only take one tablet a day but i was on three daily for 3 weeks then a break week. the aim was to regulate my periods and give endo no chance to grow after my laparoscopy, and it seemed to work. quite a lot of side effects (headaches, nausea etc) and because of strength 3 months course was max i could take, but after i finished 3 months course we got preg 1st month of trying. not sure if your gp coul perscribe them tho, it was my gunae who put me on them and my gp actually tried to make me come off them because of their strength (he thought i'd made a mistake in dose) maybe its something you could look into if you are irregular and ifnd it hard to spot ovulation times which i did. some months i'd go over 50 days others have 2 periods in 30! Also i think getting the lap helped, a good clean out of tubes can't do harm anyway!! hope you see 2 pink lines soon xx


Hi jolikyle,

sorry it took me this long to post back i really appreciate your comment.

first time i have heard of those tablets, my period appear regular only stress or worry can delay them by a few days normally i am 28 days, i'm not really sure how to detect my ovulation days and i cannot afford an ovulation kit especially this time of year (i had to ask my family for one for xmas! lol) i cant believe how quickly you got pregnant thats amazing did you know your ovulation days?



Hi, I have tried everything under the sun to conceive and keep a baby (managed to conceive 3 times but lost all sadly), some of the things sound mad but they do help. You definitely need to understand your cycle really well and know when you ovulate - you can get the 'wee sticks' as I call them or the Clear Blue fertility monitor but it's very expensive. A couple of days before ovulation if you take a cough medicine containing Guaifenesin (like benylin but get the cheaper brands), it helps the swimmers get to the egg better. Sounds crazy but worked for me. Like everyone says try to stay in bed with legs up but you could use something called a mooncup which (sorry for too much gross information here) you 'insert' straight afterwards and it keeps everything in, I'm sure this is what did it for me.

Various vitamins and supplements you can take too but I think the key is getting the timing spot on and giving those swimmers the best chance to get there.

Good luck xx


Hi Blueboo,

sorry for the late reply!

i couldnt help but pull the funniest face when you said try cough medicine! thats the best thing i've ever heard in the way of trying remedies, i cant really afford the 'wee sticks' and my periods are regular (28days) unless im stressing and its about 30 days lol but im not sure how to detect when im ovulating i dont know if i trust these websites that tell you to calculate it.

is the cough medicine taken by both me and my partner too?

are the mooncups uncomfortable though? ive read about them in the ways of using for periods and they look so scary, also where do you get them from?

thank you for your comment!!



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