Help!! Feel like I'm being pushed around and no one has any idea!!

Today I went for my X-ray the doctor sent me for but they refused to do it as my MRI is on the seventh and they said it was to much radiation! I explained I was there as my doctor thinks I have endo but my gyno has no clue as she said because it's to do with periods and I'm on the depo I can't have it and I explained people go on the depo to help it and the radiologist agreed I could have it and the gyno really didn't know! Sick of being pushed around!

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you feel like you are bouncing around the medical profession! Do you really mean an xray? I'm not sure I've heard of women having xrays as part of investigation for endo, I'm really not sure what it would show and why it would be necessary if you are also booked for an mri, much more standard to have an ultrasound scan when suspected endo and even that doesnt normally show up endo but is used to check and rule out other things like cysts and fibroids etc. I would just hold out for the mri and go from there x

  • Yeah I had an ultra sound which was clear in feb, I have an MRI on the 7th may but he also sent me for an X-ray to look at my lower spine because I don't think anyone really knows

  • That makes a bit more sense! Other than does sound like the doctor isn't too convinced its a gynae issue which could just be he isn't too clued up on endo. Either way an MRI will be more helpful than a xray so for them to say you can only have one you are better off with that being an MRI as that should also show up any issues with your spine which could the be followed up with X-rays . if I was you when you go for the mri next week remind them that you were also due to have an X-ray to look at your spine and tell them what happened etc then they should make sure they fully scan the right places in the MRI x

  • Change your gynaecologist, the ONLY way in which endometriosis can be diagnosed is via laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), it's a day case and they will clear out any endo. they can. It is your right to have the correct treatment, they sound totally incompetent, Please do not suffer anymore, ask for a second opinion and a different consultant, they may see polyps, fibroids or masses on scans, they cannot diagnose endometriosis with a scan. You are not alone in this, but you need to demand better treatment. Take care x

  • Admittedly I'm not an expert but as far as I'm aware MRIs do not use radiation. There are no known harmful side-effects associated with temporary exposure to the strong magnetic field used by MRI scanners. So why they couldn't go ahead I'm not sure. I could be completely wrong so if anyone knows better than please feel free to correct me. Other than that I agree with everyone else who has posted. Try to see a different gynae that might have a bit more knowledge about endo. I recently saw a different gynae to my first one and the improvement in knowledge and attitude was so pronounced I still am amazed. I agree with SERRA - a bunch of incompetents. Good luck.

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