Endometriosis, eczema and immunity

Hi everyone,

I'm yet to be diagnosed with endometriosis although the doctors I have seen so far think it is a strong possibility.

I've read that endometriosis may be linked to immunity disorders and eczema, I was wondering if anybody else had any experience with this?

About three years ago when my pelvic pain, abdominal pain, digestive problems and severe rectal pain started I also developed a bad case of eczema. I'd never had it before in my life (even my mum said I didn't have it as a child) and all of a sudden I was covered in it. It now comes back every year around Winter.

I also find I'm quite susceptible to coughs and colds, last year I was sick twice in the space of a month.

Could this all be linked?

Becky x

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  • Hi Becky. When I look back at my symptoms and periods i think my endo started ages ago but I was only diagnosed last year. But my eczema was diagnosed in 2004 and endo symptoms in 2012 so don't think they are both related.

  • I'm not sure if I have eczema.

    I have skin that gets red from wind burn on my cheeks and nose. I also have to apply spf 60 to my face but in really pale.

    Are you on a progesterone pill, depo proverb, of the coil? I heard it makes skin more sensitive to the elements.

  • It may be, yeah. I get it all over it's red, dry and itchy. I'm not on any birth control, it doesn't really agree with me I find.

  • This is really interesting, I get the rectal cramps too and pelvic pain. I used to have eczema when I was much younger and was lactose-intolerant as a child. More recently, I've developed hayfever... Didn't ever think that there could be a link but would be interesting to look into! I study biology at uni so I'm a bit of a nerd ;)

  • The rectal cramps are awful, I feel your pain (literally) 😣

    I'm really interested in the science of it all too. It's interesting that you've now developed hay fever. I've never known allergy-related disorders like this to happen so suddenly.

    A lot of articles I've read suggest dairy worsens both endo and eczema. I'm struggling to come to terms with giving up cheese to be honest, it's my fave haha.

  • Yeah I thought it was strange too... just suddenly got hay fever last summer lol! I'll choose to forget what you said about dairy ... I can't go without milk in my tea ☕️😂 Xx

  • One remedy to get rid of hay fever, (it works because I had it really severe a few years ago, I almost got anaphylactic because I was outside) is eating a tbs locally made honey everyday. It's best if it's organic and unpasteurized. It contains pollen and other allergens in your area but at a small enough dose that it won't irritate you and slowly you build up an immunity.

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