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Collapsed cyst?

I am new here... and hope someone can give me advice on this situation. I apologies for too much detail, but I will be grateful for answers. Maybe even something that will calm me down from worrying would help.

I went to the ER due to uncomfortable, painful pelvic pain on the right side. This discomfort affected me so bad that I couldn't walk it would cause discomfort to my right leg as well. Another thing I was experiencing frequent urination, nausea, and back pains for a month, so a day after I took Ec which was January 2nd and until now in February symptoms started to increase.

I feel like the OBGYN misdiagnosed me or something he informed me that I had PID and didn't fully explain what it was or how I got it he just prescibed me two antibiotics. I was and still am very worried of chances of pregnancy. I had unprotected intercourse on January 1st, I really didn't want to because I do not want to get preganant. so I pushed him off so he did not fully ejaculate or in other words finish because it was maybe a minute to a second of intercourse. I may have been ovulating that day unsure, so I took a genric form of emergency contraception. Ever since that whole situation on January 1st things got weird.

I ended up bleeding one week early after taking the emergency pill I assumed it was my period for the January month. I expected to start because I had my regular PMS symptoms, but bled three days earlier than my expected period. I heard that the bleeding isn't an actual period that the mext month I should start within two weeks or so, if not take a pregnancy test.

Honestly I am in so much confusion and stressed out. So according to the OBGYN since he did a pelvic examination and did an ultrasound on January 30th,he said I wasn't pregnant it seemed the pill had worked which caused me to bleed that month. That's when he also diagnosed me with PID. So ever since taking the EC pill things have been weird and concerning me.

I have been having sharp pain for all of January after taking EC and these past days. Now this month February things got worse I ended up In the ER on February 8th due to the intense pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, and how the discomfort effected me to even walk. I couldn't sneez or do bowl movements due to the sharp pain it hurt too much.

I had a negative pregnancy test and nurse said I had a collapsed cyst I do not know what that is and the nurse didn't explain it just gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way home. She also told me to stop using the antibiotics the clinic gave me for "PID" because instead it did not work, since now I have a bladder infection as well.

Anyway for this collapsed cyst that was not explained I researched on google, and yes I know I probably shouldn't have. So many pregancy post poped up and now I am scared this "collapsed cyst" means early pregancy. I do not know when i am to start my period since I know the EC messed up my cyle. I can not count on my peiord tracker. To make matters worse I am unsure if I will even start due to stress of becoming preganant and these other crazy illnesses going on.

I am also uncertain that this "collapsed cyst" can cause pain and discomfort this much as well as feeling unwell. So what is a collapsed cyst? Does it really mean you are preganant that the body is planning for implantation or genrally means early pregancy? And can a collapsed cyst cause all these weird pains and symptoms?

I have tested negative for pregancy several times, but I keep thinking maybe it's too early. I am honestly stressed and generally scared. So I thank you if anyone can give me advice on this and please no rude comments I have so much on my plate right now. :/

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I've had quite a few ruptured cysts and they are the most excruitiatingly painful experiences of my life. Your reaction to a ruptured cyst is consistent with mine. It will bring you to your knees and make you incapable of doing anything for at least 24-48 hours.

My cysts were endometriomas which are blood filled. Multiple ruptures later my reproductive organs were all stuck together and I have had two surgeries (so far) to remove the damage and separate my organs including my bowel.

I would highly recommend you get a referral to a specialist that deals with endometriosis as it is best to have some scans and see what's going on in there. Ask lots of questions and get the specialist to explain to you what is happening with your body. Don't be afraid to ask questions. This is your body and you need to understand this so you can decide what's best for you. There's something happening in there for sure so if you don't get a satisfactory outcome, get another opinion.

I'm so sorry I have no experience with your pregnancy/cyst combination ...hopefully another member can help with this one.

Best of luck x


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