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Has anyone had successful IVF after prostap?

Hi ladies I wondered if anyone who has gone through IVF because of their endo has become pregnant after being on prostap? I had three failed cycles of IVF last year and was advised to have 3 months on prostap before starting our 4th round.

My consultant says the prostap can help by making the body less inflamed. A laparoscopy is another option but time isn't really on my side (waiting for the referral and the recovery time etc) so we decided to try the prostap. Any stories much appreciated! Xx

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I've been looking into this as well. Statistics seem to show surgery followed by a prolonged period of prostap (at least 60days) increases success of ivf for women suffering from stage 3-4 of endo. This is my plan plus requesting d&c and Tubical irrigation during surgery.


Hi there, thanks for your reply, hope it all goes well for you. I had surgery a couple of years ago and my endo hasn't been as bad as it was prior to that so we're hoping the prostap is enough to ensure successful IVF this time. I'm 39 so I don't have time to have further surgery and still be under 40 for funding, which we're very lucky to have where we live. My consultant was pretty positive that prostap can be effective so here's hoping, we're already worn down by 3 lots of IVF & daunted by a 4th!

Lots of luck with everything too x


Hi what ls a d and c please?


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