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Anyone had a successful pregnancy that was painful?

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I've suffered for years with pain from my endo, some times it's crippling, in 2013 I had a laparoscopy which showed one tube was blocked and the other was badly damaged, and I was told I would never conceive naturally, and if I did it would be ectopic, since then I've had two ectopic pregnancies both conceived naturally, after my last one they did some work on my tubes and said they managed to unblock it. I'm now 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and in agony..... I've been to a&e and they don't think it's ectopic, they wouldn't scan me but have booked me in for a scan on Monday, and have told me to just carry on having my bloods monitored untill then. I have had one successful pregnancy but that was before my endo got bad (she will be 8 in April) I've read up online a bit and found a few forums from women with endometriosis saying that pregnancy was really painful for them because of all the scar tissue and adhesions stretching out has anyone experienced this?

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I had a lot of pain in my second pregnancy with my son. I wasn't diagnosed at the time, though it's now suspected that I did have endo. The entire pregnancy hurt from beginning to end. One of the docs I saw at my bsge centre said that there has been very little research done into how endo affects women during pregnancy as all the focus is on fertility, but that she'd heard loads of stories from women saying pregnancy was painful and difficult.

Fingers crossed everything is OK for you. x.

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Mummykay in reply to joreilly

Thankyou Hun, that gives me a lot of hope, my hcg is doubling as it should so the only symptom I have is pain x

I was diagnosed with endo aged 17 and I'm now 38 and have two children. Both my pregnancies were problematic but I still enjoyed them.

If you are concerned get advice because worrying can make you anxious and stressed and that's not where you want to be when pregnant. you need to be enjoying it. If they know about your diagnosis then they should be aware .

Sending hugs xxxx

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Mummykay in reply to SallyE1978

I've been to the hospital but they just fobbed me of, I'm in for a scan on Monday so atleast then I'll know if it's ectopic or not, nothing I can do now but wait x

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SallyE1978 in reply to Mummykay

I bled quite badly with my second and had a lot of pain . Weeks 12-36 the bleeding lasted! He's 8 now .

Good they're doing something but not putting your mind at rest straight away is it?

Will keep everything crossed x

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Mummykay in reply to SallyE1978

I bet that was horrible for you!! I would have been a nervous wreck! Time seems to have stopped.... Feel like I've been waiting forever for this scan! X

Just wanted to update, I had another ectopic :( this time I lost my tube

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martoosha in reply to Mummykay


maybe i shouldnt write anything because i dont have kids. i lost pregnancy and only year ago was diagnosed with very aggressive form of endometriosis....

maybe you should forst take care of removing endometriosis? so after you can focus of healthy pregnancy....


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Mummykay in reply to martoosha

Unfortunatly it's not as simple as that, you can remove the endometriosis but it can grow back, I've had laparoscopies to remove it, and after my last ectopic they managed to clear that tube completely, but it's taken me 14 months to conceive again and in that time my tubes have blocked up again to the point that this time they had to remove the tube aswell X

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SallyE1978 in reply to Mummykay

I'm so sorry 😢 Sending you lots of hugs xx

Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear that. Really hope you're ok. Take it easy on yourself xx

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