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Hysterectomy & Bladder Hydrodistention w/cytoscopy

I have stage 2 Endometriosis and have been having a lot of urinary frequency with pain and the Dr. thinks that I probably have Interstitial Cystitis, as they occur in 2/3rds of those with Endo. He also mentioned it being Endo's evil twin, lol. Anyway, I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy and hydro/cytoscopy in May and I wanted to know if anyone has had both done at the same time and how was your recovery or just anyone that has had either procedure. Thanks!

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I have had 2 cystodcopys and bladder distension. The first was to diagnose interstitial cystitis and the second was to see if the treatments I was on were working and take biopsies. It is not a nice procedure, I came back from surgery with a catheter which was removed after 2 hours. Going to the toilet after is painful for a few days and you may still feel like you want to go to the toilet all the time, this lasted for just over a week for me. The first one was worse than the second and I now have to have bladder instillations every 3 weeks and will have to for the foreseeable future, I sm also on daily meds mainly to help me sleep. I also have endo stage 2 I am told its on everything. My gynae confirmed that the 2 seem to occur together in a percentage of people. I too need a hysterectomy but would be reluctant to have the 2 together. Though saying that I am booked in for radical excicision of endo at the the same time - all keyhole. Are you having hysterectomy by keyhole?

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I wondered if that wouldn't be too much at once. Although, it does appeal to me in getting it all done at once. I did have an in office cystoscope done and it all looked normal at the time. Do they normally do a biopsy? I didn't think to ask at the time. I'm not sure if it's keyhole for sure. It will be done vaginally with just the incision for the scopes, from my understanding. I asked that the morcellator not be used due to the risk of spreading cancer cells if there should be any and they said that he doesn't use it. Anyway, they'll also remove the Endo and the appendix.


I think they can get a positive result when the bladder is stretched which is by filling it up with fluid. I only had biopsy taken at the second one which was 4 months after the first. I know what you mean about getting it all done at the same time. I have had 5 ops in less than 2 years and it seems to take longer each time to recover from the general anaesthetic. The last gynae related op I had an investigative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy where a polyp was removed. He also mentioned doing s cystoscopy at the same time which was not necessary as I had already been diagnosed by another gynae. So I guess. It must be normal to have multiple procedures at the same time. Good luck with all you are having done. Have you got a date for the op?


You too, thanks! And yes, the surgery is in May. It's being done by an Endo specialist in St. Louis and he books appointments 6 months out. But, I've been complaining about the bladder issue for some time and it was largely ignored or I was told to drink less. The Urologist I was seeing didn't even do that type of procedure except the in office cytoscope and he was saying I'd have to see another one of their specialists. So, I was like forget it. I'd do some research and find someone who could address both issues. I have Endo, Adenomyosis and what looks like a fibroid.


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