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Lap done!!!!

Finally after months of waiting, crying on the phone and loosing hope I got a call (Wednesday) inviting me in for my laparoscopy (yesterday).

I was so nervous.. the adrenaline made the days goe quicker but I now feel so relieved for having it done.

They found a few large cysts and some endo tissue and removed it all. I woke up asking if they had given me a tummy tuck apparently!!

Pain today isn't too bad.. the left over gas in my shoulder and my bloated belly is the worst!

Thank you for all the help and advise on here.. I may not of commented or asked many questions but what I've seen and read has helped in silent ways!

Good luck to all - will be sure to ask any questions if I need to and to answer any questions 🤗

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I hated the shoulder pain but when you've had such pain from the endo it's worth it.

Great stuff, rest up, move a little and all the best sister :)

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