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Looking for advice

I am 38 and for the last 2 months I have had pains in my stomach that are seem to be associated with my period. I went for an ultra sound and they could not find anything. I then went to see a gynaecologist who did a few tests and also said everything seems fine but the symptoms I have sound like endometriosis and the only way to find out is to have a laparoscopy. He basically said it is my decision.

I have had 2 miscarriages and am still trying to fall pregnant. I have read that having endometriosis can effect fertility and you sometimes struggle to fall pregnant. Is this true? The gynaecologist did say that it should not effect falling pregnant.

I am really not sure what I should do as even if I have a laparoscopy it might show nothing. Has anyone been in the same situation and can give some advice?

Can anyone help?

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I had a laparoscopy two weeks ago - nothing showed up on my ultrasound either. The laparoscopy discovered endo and they were able to remove it during the procedure as well. No regrets here - having a lap seems like the only way to actually diagnose endo. Good luck whatever you decide :)


Thanks for the comment. Were you in a lot of pain or was it manageable? Were you advised to have the lap?


The surgery is done under anesthetic. Yeah you feel a bit groggy when you wake up, they give you lots of pain relief for afterward so it's totally manageable (i'm a major wuss about these things!!). Recommend getting a heat pad from Boots for the gassy pain you have in your shoulders afterwards too, really helps.


Hi. Had been going backwards and forwards to my doctors for years, with pains, bowel issues, bad periods ect and many other symptoms.

I was diagnosed this year with grade 3 endo, and like you had ultra sound, and I had CT scan that showed nothing.

My first thoughts was I had IBS as my mother has, and due to my sister having chrones, I ended up getting refered to gasto.

As all my tests were fine, the hospital decided to do a colonoscopy which was unsuccessful and I had endo on my colon.

I was then given an MRI which confirmed the endo on my colon, bowel, womb , overies and falopean tubes....

I had my Lapo in may, and had most removed, and on the whole feel so much better .

If you can get an MRI I would advise that, as it should show up, if not go for the Lapo.... At least you will find out.

Good luck

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I am in the same situation as you at the moment had ultra sound which was clear and told the only way to diagnose is lap but they said it won't cure it and may need doing again in the future. They told me to try control it for 6 months with pain relief or the pill. So I have chosen pain relief in the form of mefanamic acid which I've been having for one month so far. Pain isn't gone but more manageable but still in two minds whether to have the lap or not.

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Hi there. Having endometriosis does sadly affect your fertility however do not let that put you off with your plans. I had my daughter at 38 after two years of trying and a miscarriage and had probably had endometriosis beforehand for many years but it worsened after having my daughter. I was finally diagnosed in November last year after surgery during a laparoscopy. I would definitely suggest you have the lap surgery as it'll help determine for sure if you do have endometriosis. Surgery - clean up may help with falling pregnant. Your body may have a better chance. One thing that helped me other than doing the deed on the 4th and 5th day after period is that my husband and I drank gallons of seven seas red pomegranate juice! I hope this all helps xx


I would advise the laparoscopy - then you will know what's going on inside you. I had chronic lower abdo pain for a year and I thought it was my bladder. Various bladder tests showed that was all perfect. It was me who asked about gynae causes and then I was referred for a laparoscopy. X


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