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On the 14/12/16 I had a laparoscopy where I was diagnosed and treated from endometriosis, also had a coil put in while I was asleep.

The recovery was amazing. After a few days I was back to myself and pain free, just bruising and swelling from surgery.

This last week Iv got my old pain back, not as bad as it was, but feels like exactly the same as when It first started.

I went to the doctors yesterday, was told they could of missed bits during the operation...a urine test has been sent off to ensure there's no infection.

Has this happened to anyone? I have no clue what to do, I want to go back to work and was planning to this week but as I'm back in pain Iv been signed off again as I'm a career for autism. I was going to ask for a scan, but I had two last year and nothing showed up, endo only showed up in surgery.

Will I need another laparoscopy? Or will I be left like this?


Emma xox

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Is it possible the pain is coming from hormones and your body adjusting to the coil? And your lap was still fairly recent so it could just take some time for those spots to heal completely and the pain to go with it. I know for me I had the coil fitted my first lap. but it wasn't until after they got the rest w/my 2nd lap that my pain improved. Now I mostly get that same pain along with w/e menstrual cycle I have and the hope is it will continue to improve as my body adjusts to the coil.

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I'm not sure cause at one point I was pain free for a few weeks. The pain is the same as it was before and in the same place, also in my lower/kidneys..other bowel symptoms aswell have come back.

Did you know you had to have another lap? Or did they do another one cause of the pain you was/are in


The first surgeon believed I had endo on/in my bowel but that needed yet another specialist/surgery. It is really interesting you mention your kidneys bc there were times, before I realized it was endo related, I thought I had a kidney stone the pain was So bad in that area. Along with different bowel issues than I had before my 2nd lap. 🤔

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For 7years, I was being told I had bladder and kidney infection a few times a year..but found out recently Iv never have an infection and it was all endo related...at one point I also was being tested for kidney stones and also gal bladder(bad at spelling lol)

I know I had three bits of endo one side of stomach and one bit on the other side...but I'm still waiting for my follower up appointment to find out where it all actually was.

They could have missed a tiny bit or something. It's abit disheartening considering I was told I was treated, I started to feel better and pain free and within no time at all Iv gone back to being in and stuff.

I'm glad your feeling better! Gives me hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel x


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