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I'm at the end of my tether I have been left after my laposcope about 2-3 years ago I have also had 6 months of hormone injections which put me through tempary menopause and now my endometreosis is worse then it's ever been I am now on morphine, codeine and naproxen and it's only just helping I got told I can only have the laposcope once I really considering a full hystertomay it's affecting my work I don't have a social life and my sex life what sex life!! if I do have sex I'm in agony and upto 2 hours after sex I feel really lost I have no control over it. Any advice would be great

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Did you have excision during your lap? X


Sounds like you need to get to a bsge clinic (that's if you are in the Uk). Search Lindles posts on here for loads of info.


Thanks for your replies they took endometriosis away in the laposcope and I do live in the UK what is bsge?thankyou


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