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Desperate for help :(


Hi so I'm 21 years old and have been in and out of hospital with kidney and urine infections since I was 15 they always seem to appear at that time of the month. A doctor suggested I have endometriosis due to all of the symptoms I have, bleeding after sex, pain during sex, constant tiredness and such severe pain in my back and down my legs etc. I started a job in January but have only managed 2 weeks because I just feel so tired and in pain all the time. Everything seems to drain me I feel hopeless and that people may think I'm just lazy but I would love to work it just seems impossible the way I feel. I'm young and want to live my life. My boyfriend is very understanding but I can't help but think how annoying it must be for him that I can't do anything without being tired and in pain I'm so boring. I'm worried if I can't work where is my income going to come from? I have an appointment with my gynocologist on the 14th of March and I'm desperately hoping they will offer me a laparoscopy. Im determined I have endometriosis I have been certain for 6 years I just need the diagnosis it's really getting me down. I just need someone to talk who may feel the same. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks :)

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Hi it certainly sounds like endo. My advise would be to make sure you know what you want from the consultant when you go and don't give up until you you have your answers even if that means getting a second opinion. Good luck.

Soph94 in reply to JeanOsborne

Thank you, it's so stressful really affecting my life.


I have lived with endometriosis about 20 years now. They have not been good years. A lot of operations, pain, but I also managed to have one daughter for whom I will always be thankful to God and to my surgeon. It took 9 years for me to get the right diagnosis.

So for you - very important to get that diagnosis written down and after that only go to specialist endometriosis centers for help. An overage gynea knows very little about endometriosis, the same with GPs.

And please read yourself all possible literature to educate yourself about your condition. Unfortunately, this is what to do in order to be able to fight for our treatment. I can also suggest to write down questions you want to ask your consultant.

Regarding the boyfriend, keep him also educated what this is all about and how other women suffers. That is a real condition with horrible pain. It is not in your head. March will be coming, we all need to raise awareness of endometriosis, so governments finally would put in some money in reaserach. During these last 20 years they done so little, practically nothing.

Good luck honey, some people are lucky, get treatments and forgets about endometriosis. I also had some nice pain free years after my daughter was born. After that the hell broke out again. But we learn to cope and enjoy life's small pleasures.

Soph94 in reply to MinnieMinnie

Hi, thanks so much for your comment. I am so sorry that you have not has many good years due to endometriosis I really wish there was more research and help out there for us all. I'm glad to hear you were able to have a child. I would really love children but I am so scared with this condition that I won't be able to!

I literally read up on this condition everyday anything I can find out to try and help me understand more. I try to keep my boyfriend well educated and he is very understanding I can't help but think I am a burden to him and I feel guilty. Really sorry to hear you haven't been able to get much help! :(

MinnieMinnie in reply to Soph94

Thanks... Good luck for you! I really hope they will find a cure soon for all our endo sisters. :)

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