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19, possibly have endo, please help :-(


Okay so I'm in a bit of a tricky situation. I am currently 19 and went to the doctors with a burning sensation after sex. After being referred to a gynae and having different scans/tests etc I have been diagnosed with PCOS, with a possibility of having endo - so they obviously want me to have the laroscopy to make sure!

However I have a slight issue, the career path I want to go down doesn't allow for those with endo to go down that route, so I've decided against the operation to find out as this is the most important thing in my life.

My question is, will not having the operation affect my fertility in the future? I want a family in the future more than anything, but I'm worried that not having the operation will negatively effect my fertility if it turns out I do have endometriosis. (The doctor said it could either be 1) nothing 2) endo or 3) an infection).

I am on the pill now and my doctor has recommended I take it back to back for 3 months just in case. I would appreciate ANY advice that anyone can give me as I have been really worried for about a week now since I got told. As obviously it's heartbreaking to think that one day I may not be able to have a family.

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Isn't it discrimination to not allow someone with endo to get the job?

No it's for the military so there is a whole list of illnesses/conditions that deny you of entry unfortunately, which makes my life very difficult!

I would talk to their recruitment office. I think the diagnosis may be enough to exclude you. I realise it hasn't been confirmed but even so. Also the surgery doesn't reduce your chances of falling pregnant as far as I'm aware. Sorry youre having this put questions over your future. X

Unfortunately if it is endo it can get worse. You are taking a gamble not having a lap.

I have to be honest though. I'm astounded that it should stop you entering the military seeing as you can have treatment.

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Thank you everyone for your advice.

The only thing I am worried about is if it gets worse should I not have treatment.

Yeah the military have a lot of strange conditions that you can't have, but it is what it is!

Just not sure I could be told that 1) it could be hard for me to have a family one day and 2) I can't have the job I've been working so hard to get for years, on the same day!

Tbh I think you should find out now. if the career doesn't permit it and you do have endo and ignore it now to get in then it will only come back to bite you later once you are into the career with more to lose. Endo doesn't go away unfortunately. Whether it affects fertility depends on severity so you need the op to know if that's likely so you can plan accordingly . Not what you'd like to hear now I know, but as someone who didn't get treatment in my twenties when first symptoms appeared and who now has to face prospect of bowel surgery soon I would say it is not a condition to ignore safely.

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