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Help me

Hey I'm new here and really concerned. I'm 19 and have always had really bad irregular periods. I had an implant put in Dec 2015 with my partner and it's been amazing, no periods and no pain. But ive been to drs about endo due to lots of pain even after a removal of burst cyst and appendicitis. He said after a scan it was another cyst and to try the pill instead. I'm still on the implant but things have got worse. Pain through and after sex, bleeding after sex and more frequently, lots of abdominal pain and urinating more than usual. Do I go back to the drs? Can anyone help me?

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What do you mean by irregular periods? If your periods happen far apart or you miss them tansy a sign of PCOS.

When was your first period and how long was the apendectomy performed after that?

Bleeding after sex could be caused by an ovarian cyst too, also since your on the merina sometimes the cervix will be softer from it so you'll bleed.

I would try to push for another surgery however it may be difficult being that you've had an apendectomy and endo didn't show.


I would ask for a referral so a gynaecologist​ can have look and see what's causing your problem. That may take the form of a scan (ultrasound internal or external) to identify what's going on.

I certainly wouldn't ask for surgery in the first instance.

See a doctor and get that referral.


I assumed she was already with an ob/gyn since she had the coil inserted.

It's important to push for surgery when you see a gyno though esspecially when she's had an actual cyst removed and one showing which I'm assuming is a chocolate cyst. Most chocolate cysts don't show on scans till later stages and tend to be the tip of the iceberg.

Charlie you've already been on the pill and merina and your still in pain because they aren't working for you. Cysts can develop on progesterone however its import you go to the doctor than a gynae to get checked out.

Not to mention endometriosis rarely shows on scans until it becomes deep. This is due to the fact that ultrasound and MRI use magnetic waves to tell the difference in structure of growths, the problem is the tissue is made up of the same tissue already there so there is no difference. This is also why adhesions don't show.

LittleBrownBird you have adenomyosis, this is where uterine tissue often found within the womb is found within the muscular walls of the uterus it does not cause ovarian cysts. However in Charlie's case she has a chocolate cyst (from my understanding) which forms when the blood from a certain kind of endometriosis tissue bleeds within the abdomen leaving it with no where to go so it creates a cyst to hold it.


In the UK, you can get a Mirena IUS without seeing a gynaecologist.


Hidden I don't profess to have as detailed a knowledge of the condition which is the reason I was cautious in my suggestion. I prefer to defer to a medical expert.

Charlieh5879 Good like in getting a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Exactly why I was telling her to push for surgery, endometriosis can only be diagnosed and treated surgically. Look allover the site and any endometriosis awareness site and you will find that it's important to have surgery not just for diagnoses but for treatment so that it doesn't reoccur (excision). Endometriosis can grow from the pelvis to the ribs if left without treatment.

If we encourage women to get scans for endometriosis then we also encourage them not to receive treatment and also believe in their doctors when they say there is nothing there. Stage 4's on this site have had clear scans and yet they've had organs stuck together in weird places and rectal bleeding.


I had my implant in my arm (not coil) put in Dec 2015 and my appendix removed Aug 2014 I believe. I don't bleed all the time, the same with periods - so irregular. Never used the pill because I trust it but still get pressure and pain. I kind of what another op to check


Are you seeing a gynaecologist? I would ask to be refred to one.

Since you had an appendectomy the pain could also be related to adhesions which form naturally from surgery.

Is it a progesterone implant? Irregular bleeding is normal on progesterone however on combined contraceptives it isn't and it's a sign of something being there.


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