Well it's almost the end of the month and I haven't seen my period yet. Could I possibly be pregnant? I have Endometriosis, but I do have unprotected sex and even though he doesn't cum in me. There is always a chance, and to be honest I'm not ready to get pregnant. I'm so worried and it's stressing me out. My boobs are kinda sore as well, I'm so scared I dunno what I'll do if I am. I took a pregancy test (2) exactly and both said negative, but I feel like I took it too early to know. I have 3 more days until the 1st. I was on the shot, but I've been off it 2 months now. Last month my period came at the regular time. In my mind I'm freaking out.

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  • Yes you could be,I have stage 4 endo,and only one ovary and Fallopian tube left and I've had 2 kids since my diagnosis. If you aren't pregnant this time and you aren't ready for a family then you will need to take precautions x

  • Try not to freak out - I know it's hard not to but the stress won't be helping. How late are you? Maybe give it a week before you do another test. Also I found when I came off hormone treatments last year my boobs hurt like hell (bras= boob jail misery!) and like you I wasn't particularly careful (was having sex like maybe twice a month and avoiding fertile days). I didn't get pregnant but three months of sending myself crazy with worry and peeing on sticks was enough before I started refusing to have sex with my boyfriend without a condom (he doesn't like them but I keep pointing out he'll like a screaming baby a whole lot less).

  • It looks like u r pregnant

  • From a lot of other posts ive read it sounds like its the endo it's self that does this , I've taken many tests, convinced I was pregnant and all negative, one month my period never came at all ! Went to the doctors and nothing, then I was take to hospital with shoulder tip pain and they thought I was having an eptopic pregnancy, and actually it was the endo bleeding into my abdomen , I do have a baby aged 10m but many times before and after I had him I had all the symptoms but not pregnant . If you arnt ready to concieve then you should use contraception, you could try and use other forms of protection , or perhaps a coil or the pill ? both of which can help endo in many womens case. If you are still unsure go to the doctors and have them test they are much more accurate . X

  • Thanks everyone, yeah I think I'll go back on birth control or use condoms from now on. I'm usually always on BC ever since I started having sex and I've always tried to be responsible! But as of late a lot of things in my life is going bad right now and I'm super stressed! I suffer from Endo and depression. I'm unemployed right now and I can't even afford BC or a PG test! I still live with my folks, how can I tell my judgemental religious mom?! I'm not ready for a child mentally or financially and my ex isn't either, because I haven't told him my period is late and I'm afraid he'll bail out or don't give me the money to terminate it :'( I came on here not to be judged, but solely for advice on what to do. If I wanted to be judged I'll tell someone in RL. I stopped having sex with him, he doesn't like condoms and he wants me to go on BC but I don't want him to know I'm on BC because I don't want him to cum in me...weird I know. He knows I have Endo, but I feel like he doesn't understand what it is. The Dr's told me that it'll be very hard for me to conceive since I have this disease. I know it's silly to be having unprotected sex, but I love this man and it's hard to let him go.

  • If you are feeling low you should visit your gp, or perhaps a councillor , you won't be judged, they can help. contraception is free in the UK , and you could get a test done at the go for no charge usually or from Sexual health clinics. If you arnt ready for a baby you should definatley be using something as if you do fall pregnant it will change your life it isn't a decision to be taken lightly , being a parent is a huge responsibility. You should talk to your family friends partner ect the more you communicate the more people will be able to help and understand. X I am the least judgemental person and I'm not judging you in any way shape or form, but I think you need to see your doctor about your feelings perhaps they can provide some anti depressants or something along the lines, your GP can and will help you. You need to focus more on yourself and your wants and needs before you can fulfil that of someone else's, if you are in a bad place then your relationship is likely to suffer , maybe you need to take some time out and think a little more about what you really want and need x

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