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Cramps & constipation post laparoscopy

Hi all,

Just had my operation for excision of endometriosis and removal of a dermoid cyst on Thursday 12th Jan. I hadn't been to the toilet to empty my bowels since Thursday morning & ended up getting severe cramps on Saturday night. I was advised to take some laxatives (Diacol), which helped me a huge amount and eventually the cramps stopped. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this same pain or are the cramps & constipation totally unrelated?


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I had my lap 2weeks ago and have done 2 poos since! Today was my first day without codeine and I've been as many times today as in the previous 2 weeks! I've been trying to eat lots of fruit and veg to ease the passage and hopefully now off the codeine things will become more regular and easier! 😝


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