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Fed up


I was waiting for my return back to see my gynecologist to find out what steps are next for me. Had progesterone tablets, laperoscopy and Mirena coil fitted for it only to fall out in a massive clot 16 days later. My biopsy results are all clear. Now gynecologist has singed me off his clinic. I'm still bleeding have been bar 3 days since July last year. On progesterone again constantly but still bleeding albeit lighter, but I've just had enough now. I don't want to be taking hormone tablets for ever more. I get bad cramps so taking nurofen for that. On top of it all I've not been given a clear diagnosis. My womb lining was 30mm thick which they don't seem to be concerned about. I'm just feeling so down and I'm not sure if that's the progesterone or just me?

I just want my womb removed now...if I could afford private it wouldn't be questioned but they are refusing on the NHS

Anyone else have any suggestions of where to turn?

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Big hugs. That sounds terrible.

Is it a BSGE endo specialist centre gynaecologist? If not can you ask your GP to re refer you to a BSGE centre for a second opinion?


You poor thing, I'm right with you on the Fed Up front. I hope you get some answers and solutions soon Xxx


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