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Help :(

So i just got all my info back from the hospital and found a letter from my surgeon to my gyno and it explained the results here. But I'm really lost and not sure what they mean and how bad my endo is or not? Could anyone help me understand this?

'During the lap it was noted that there were lesions in the pouch of douglas. Pouch of douglas was excised and histology confirmed endo. Operation notes also describe possible superficial endo at the uterovescal pouch and possible rectal endo. There were congenital adhesions to the bowel and left transverse colon. Overall there does not appear to be convincing endo although notes describe possible rectal involvement. Reviewing photos taken were hard to decipher as they were very red.'

Thank you x

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It sounds like they found endometriosis and removed some of what they found. When did you have the surgery? You will get a follow up appointment to go through what they found and how you go forward so you should get more info then. Their letters are hard to understand sometimes as It's all in 'doctor speak'! Hope this helps!


Yes thats what i thought, but just wanted to ask in case anyone has experienced any of that. I had surgery almost 6 months ago and had my post op - where i had a random doc who told me nothing. So I requested my info and found the letter detailing everything. This letter was typed and couldn't understand any of the written ones haha. Thank you though xx


I hope you're feeling better soon. With me, they found bowel/rectal areas connected to my uterus. The surgeon decided he wasn't going to operate there and then, during that lap, so he removed whatever endo he could (pouch of Douglas etc) and he has scheduled me in for another op. This time, he says my bowel will need to be prepped (emptied properly) before the op, which it hadn't been before. If he had gone ahead in my previous lap and removed the endo connecting my bowel to my uterus there could have been leakage and infection. Sounds logical to me. So ask your surgeon if you can have follow up if needs be. Stay strong.

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In some laymans terms, lesions are like areas/spots/marks. Superficial means not deep/near the surface. Congenital means from birth - have you had bowel problems all your life? I don't understand uterovescal - I would have to google it. Histology - I believe they checked it under a microscope? Perhaps someone else can clarify this? I really don't understand the sentence "does not appear to be convincing endo" as they have said they removed some and checked the cells and it was endo ? ? ? Run that back past them to explain further, and "very red" is not a professional description - I would have expected erythmatous or rubour or something like that - strange!!

Best wishes, this will be me soon (hopefully) with my results after I get the lap date....yawn....


Was your surgery in a BSGE centre? Excision of deep rectal endo should only be done by a BSGE specialist centre due to bowel involvement. There is a grading system for endo so you can ask for what yours was, but as symptoms severity and extensiveness of endo dont always match it's debatable how useful it is in itself. Histology means looking at the structure of a tissue biopsy under a microscope to identify it's type.


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