Stages of endometriosis?

I'm Wondering what stage endometreosis I have. My consultant (an endo specialist) says he doesn't like to stage endo as its only useful in terms of fertility and I'm not currently trying to get pregnant.

I think I read on a post in the past that pouch of Douglas endo makes it a stage 4 is that true?

My pouch of Douglas was obliterated. I had endo on both ovaries, my bowels and my right ovary was stuck to my right ureter and both were stuck to my abdominal wall. I also had endo on the lining of my abdominal cavity.

He also described my endo as extensive.

Does anyone have any idea what stage this would be?



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  • I believe if it's involving the bowel or bladder it is stage 4.

  • Where can I find an endometriosis specialist?


    This is the link to a list of accredited centres.

  • I would think that if your consultant described it as extensive you would be stage 3 or stage 4. The stages depend on a number of things like how far it has spread and how much it has penetrated tissue it is on. As you mentioned bowel involvement this would be quite severe so more likely stage 4.

  • I have never had any of the Specialists I've seen refer to mine in terms of "stages" so I'd be interested to know more to understand the severity - although not sure it helps with a resolution.

  • Thanks everyone. I'd just seen people on here referring to stages so wante to try and work it out. It doesn't really change anything it was just for my own knowledge.

  • Search online for "Endometriosis (booklet) - American Society for Reproductive Medicine" it lists the stages.

  • Hi, thanks that link was really helpful. I guess I have stage 4 endo. :-(

  • Hi :)

    My POD was filled, uterus tubes ligaments and bowel covered but because it hasn't penetrated through the structures im stage 2. Stage 3 is penetration of structures and 4 is when adhesions start attaching structures together x

  • This is so confusing. I guess it's not surprising that even drs don't want to put a figure on it!

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