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How long to recover?

Hi ladies I had my 2nd lap on Friday that was ment to be quick drainage of cyst but the dr said once he saw what state I was in he wanted to do more while I was there so op was 2 hours longer than planned! I have stage 4 and had 13cm endometriosis so that got removed and it was also attached to my bladder and womb, some of my ovary had to be removed but he said he had saved it?(does that mean it still works with some missing??) and. Y tubes had bent and were stuck down the back of my womb and covered over with scar tissue so he freed them and they where blocked and he unblocked them I also had a lot removed from my pelvis and bladder. I had 2-3 weeks off work last time for my diagnostic one but will this require more recovery time they didn't say and I just forgot to ask as had lots of other questions to ask them?

Thanks :)


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