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Time off work

Hey! Brand new to this. Im 21 and was diagnosed with endo on the 14th of December and had complications during my laparoscopy (retention, haematoma, bacterial infection etc). My GP wanted me off longer but it's driving me crazy, so I'm on a phased return to work. Since being back I'm suffering from panic attacks, has anyone got any advice? I can't shut myself off indoors any longer. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi there, sorry to read that you're having such a hard time. I too suffer with panic attacks often and unfortunately it's very difficult to get past them. I always find a distraction helps to take me mind of the panic. Whether it be calling someone to chat or playing a game on my phone. Sounds silly but it helps to break to focus away from the panic attack itself. My Mam recently told me to use meditation with visualisation to stop my mind from running away with me. She told me to describe an orange in the greatest detail I could. It's sounds crazy but it stopped me focusing on my pains and worrying and I was surprised how much I could think to say about an orange haha. Anyway. I hope you find some calm and relief soon. If you have a Facebook account there is a wonderful group who've helped me a lot and lots of ladies help and support each other with advice. Lots of luck to you 😊


Thank you so much! it's crazy, I've always suffered with anxiety but the panic attacks are only since returning to work. I swear people feel like I'm just being a drama queen and don't fully understand anything that we go through. I'll definitely take a look at that page! And I'll 100% try the orange thing next time I'm having an episode. Thank you so much for your advice x


Sorry to hear that.

I'd go back to my doctor and ask for help/counselling/guidance. The reason you're signed off work is so you can rest and recuperate properly. (I speak from personal experience).

Please ask for some help and I hope you feel better soon :)


I'm looking into getting back to the doctors anyway as is it normal to still be in so much pain after a month etc... hopefully I can get some help! I just feel like a burden at the best of times haha. Thank you for the advice, I'll totally get an appointment this week :) x

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