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Time off work


I am a nurse working on a busy unit. I do long days, nights and half days (30hrs a week) I have a lap booked for 21/09 and wondered how long people usually took to recover and return to work. With my diagnostic one I was off work 1 week but as I have no clue about what they will do I dont know what to tell my manager?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Gemma xx

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I started to feel a bit better after 10 days, returned to work after 14. The first two days back were pretty hard - i still had cramping, but bearable. Everyone's different though - I know people who've went back after a week, and others who took a month off.


It took me 2 weeks to recover even though they say 1


Hi Lunar84

It has always taken my about two weeks to feel well enough and mobile enough for work after each lap I have had.

Of course everyone is different, as I am sure you can appreciate.

Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery




It's really hard to know and will depend on your job too. I had 5/6 weeks off work and still struggled for another couple of weeks. It will depend how much they do. My op was 5 hours long. My sick notes tended to be 2 weeks long each time. Good luck x

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Hi Gemma, I had a lap, removal of endo and insertion of mirena, I was signed off for 2 weeks by the surgeon. I am also a nurse and felt the peer pressure to return as per my sick note, please dont ever give in to peer pressure!!!! I went back too early and really struggled, pain was terrible but did my want to go off sick again as Bradford score would rocket! I would say 4 weeks but take each day as it comes and go back when you feel ready not earlier.

Good luck

Natalie x

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I had 3 weeks off work, some sick days and then on to holidays as it was Xmas time. I don't think I would have been able to return to work after 2 weeks and felt very fortunate that I had booked hols off after my sick leave and then I didn't feel guilty about being off work, especially when starting to leave the house to try and get back to normal. Good luck with the lap :)



At least 2 weeks and then your employer needs to make sure that they dont put you on very heavy duties.

You are not able to lift much yet and need to built up strength after operation.

I know it is difficult, but especially with this work you need to look after yourself.

Good luck



Hi Gemma

I work in radiology. I had my first lap at the beginning of this year with diathermy and had 3 weeks off as my umbilical incision came open and bleeding in the second week but I'm glad I did have that 3rd week just for my insides to recover. Nearly 2 weeks ago I had another lap with peritoneal excision. It feels like I'm behind in my recovery compared to last time but I have had more done this time so I keep reminding myself of that. I'm going to my GP this week for a sick note to cover me for at least another week but if I need longer I'm taking it this time. Don't feel under pressure to go back sooner and listen to your body; you won't get any thanks for returning sooner and in our jobs once we're back we're back.

Good luck xx


Thankyou for all your replies. I think I do beat myself up about it and having time off work as that isnt something I like doing unless its necessary.

I have told my boss I will have 2wks off, and then will review it at the time. Starting to get more and more worried as its drawing closer.



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