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Recently diagnosed with endometriosis-surgery has not helped & seeking advice


I was diagnosed with endometriosis about two months ago and am wondering if anyone suffers the same symptoms as I do. I am 29 and aside from experiencing some pain during intercourse during the past couple of years, I had no other endometriosis symptoms until I was awoken in the middle of the night in pain the night before I got my period four months ago. I suddenly had severe back pain shooting down my legs and left side pelvic pain. Since that initial day, I have experienced tingling down my left leg to my foot almost every minute of every day and occasional, seemingly random severe left pelvic stabbing pain despite having had laparoscopic surgery to excise the endometriosis implants found on my left cul-de-sac region six weeks ago.

I am just wondering since my pain symptoms came on so suddenly and since surgery did not improve my pain at all if anyone else has experienced anything similar or if you have had any success with other forms of treatment. I would appreciate it if anyone with insight about a somewhat similar experience could share their story or offer any words of advice. I'm just at a loss of what else I can do to make this tingling and pain go away since I have already done surgery and am on birth control. Thank you!

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It sounds very much as if you have endo on your uterosacral ligament that has a nerve running along it that goes to the spine where it joins the sciatic nerve. Pain is often referred to the back and down the legs and the left is most often involved. These ligaments run along the top of the POD. You need a referral to a specialist centre. If you would like to join my FB support group you can post the report of the lap and we can go from there.



Thanks for your insight, I really appreciate it. I would have thought that they would have seen the endometriosis on my uterosacral ligament during my recent laparoscopy if I do have it there, but who knows since I am still experiencing symptoms. This is something I need to consider and look further into.


It's not necessarily visible at a lap.

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